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A dutch/english medieval fantasy RPG
Welcome to Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

Current Season


After months of drought, dark clouds make their way to Avalance and rain starts pouring, and pouring, and pouring. People believe the Gods have finally answered their prayers.

Current Event

A Reign of Destruction

The drought has ended and Avalance rejoiced the start of the rain. Yet when the rain didn't end and weather became worse and worse, the people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands..

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ik ben hier zo klote druk mee geweest red mij uit fif hel, jk bbys love u all
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What is a fantasy world without a map? We have a few maps available to ensure everyone knows where to find all the locations. These can be found on this page. Simply click on the map you want to see and it will take you there.

First is the regular map of Avalance. This map provides an overview of the terrain, waters, important landmarks and cities found in the Kingdom and Ashax. This is your go to map for basic information.

Second we have the road map of Avalance, which shows all the roads that are used to get from city to city. Of course there are many more smaller pathways, but these are the main ones which are mostly used for longer travel and on which we have also based our travel times.

Third there is the regions map of Avalance. This shows the borders of all the regions of Avalance and Ashax, to make sure everyone gets a basic understanding of where one region ends and another starts.