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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

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The sun shows itself more and more as the days warm up and get longer. Flowers bloom and trees blossom as spring reveals itself.

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ik ben hier zo klote druk mee geweest red mij uit fif hel, jk bbys love u all
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  • 000 YR

    Last Era of Ice

    The ice is slowly receding towards the north, promising the end of the last Era of Ice. What are believed to be the first men arrived at the continent of Avalance by crossing the then narrow strip of the Ruby Sea, hailing from Lavarr.

  • 250 YR

    The founding of the First City

    The once nomadic groups of the first men settled for a sedentary lifestyle in Avalance. By the year 250, the First City had grown into the first capital of Avalance and was already growing fast.

  • 255 YR

    The First King

    In the First City, the rule of the Old Kings starts by the crowning of the First King, Elovyr. This also marks the founding of House Elovyr.

  • 674 YR

    Banishment of Ivan Elovyr

    Due to endless disagreements between father and son, King Theoden Elovyr banishes his son, Ivan Elovyr to the north of Avalance. He appoints his daughter Asherah Elovyr as his new heir.

  • 678 YR

    The founding of Caer Scion

    Ivan Elovyr, having been banished to the northern parts of Avalance together with a group of men willing to follow him, founds the city of Caer Scion, changing his name to Ivan Freyr.

  • 681 YR

    Flood of the First City

    An unforeseen flood, caused by the melting ice and the changing climate, wipes the First City from the map, as well as the land between Avalance and the province of Ashax, separating it from the mainland. King Theoden dies in the flood, but his daughter Asherah manages to flee to Ashax with the survivors from the First City. The city, being lost to the newly formed rift of water, is dubbed the Sunken City.

  • 686 YR

    The founding of Asherah

    Together with the people surviving the flood and some of the people of Ashax, Asherah Elovyr founds a new city on the shore of the Blue Moon Spring. The people call it Asherah, to honour their queen.

  • 687 YR

    A united Ashax

    In a successful attempt to unite all of Ashax, Asherah Elovyr marries the Lord Salvador Illeon, who had been assigned as warden of this region by her father. The uproar caused by the flood of the First City was quelled and all of Ashax chose to follow House Illeon.

  • Arrival of the New Kings

  • 687 YR

    Arrival of new immigrants

    The second wave of immigrants hailing from Lavarr arrived in Avalance in search of a place to settle. In doing so they brought with them their Dragonfaith, Death Magic and other unknowns to Avalance. What they found was chaos, as the people had yet to decide who to follow as their King or Queen.

  • 688 YR

    The Battle of Siblings

    The year the first of many battles between Ivan Freyr and Asherah Illeon took place in what is now called the Crownlands. Dubbed the Battle of Siblings to remind everyone of the fact that Asherah and Ivan were brother and sister.

  • 690 YR

    The founding of the Iron City

    The new people from Lavarr founded their own city at the southern base of the Iron Ridge. They called it the Iron City and its people were quick to turn to Serlon Yldrin to lead them.

  • 691 YR

    A failed attack

    Both House Freyr and House Illeon try to attack the Iron City to get rid of their new threat posed by Serlon Yldrin. The attack fails because they work against each other instead of together, leaving both armies vulnerable.

  • 692 YR

    Start of the New Kings reign

    Serlon Yldrin is crowned King of Avalance by the people of the Iron City and those who live in the surrounding regions being tired of the constant battles between House Illeon and House Freyr. Yldrin includes the Highlands and Ashax in his claim.

  • 698 YR

    The Battle of Storms

    Another one of the battles between House Illeon and House Freyr. It was fought during a thunderstorm, soldiers being soaked by the rain and battered by the wind. Ivan Freyr died in this battle, at the hands of his sister Asherah.

  • 704 YR

    The Assault on the Rift

    The son of Ivan Freyr led a battle on the sea to avenge his father's death. As it took place in the Rift, it is called the Assault on the Rift. Freyr and his bannermen manage to kill Asherah Illeon and the battle ends without the feud between House Illeon and House Freyr being resolved.

  • 726 YR

    Creation of the first Undying

    In an attempt to control the living by a bone sorcerer lord in the Northern Reach, the first Undying was created and left to wander the lands.

  • 803 YR

    The spread of the Undying

    A second human was cursed by the first Undying, marking the start of the spread of the Undying across the world. The Northern Reach, slowly becoming a place of ghost stories and monster sightings, was renamed into the Cursed Reach.

  • 961 YR

    Arenon Yldrin is crowned King

    Arenon Yldrin, son of Ellion Yldrin, takes his place as King when his father dies of an unknown illness. He is the first bone sorcerer to be crowned King and some people voice their fears for this largely unknown magic. This leaves a chance for House Illeon and Freyr to start an open rebellion against the new King.

  • 962 YR

    The fall of the Iron City

    War has resulted in Arenon using too much of his powers, turning him madder with every corpse raised. The Iron City is abandoned by its citizens, leaving only the King on his throne. A dragonrider from a wealthy family in Lavarr named Eleahra Daleros agreed to help the people of Avalance and burns down the Iron City on top of her dragon Sunchaser. She kills the Bone Sorcerer King, leaving the ruins to be called the City of Ash.

  • The Era of Dragons

  • 963 YR

    Start of the Dragon Kings reign

    Loran Aldyr, the cousin of Arenon, is crowned the new King of Avalance and marries Eleahra Daleros in return for her help to save the Kingdom. This marks the start of the Dragon Kings reign.

  • 965 YR

    The founding of Dragonwatch

    As the old capital of Avalance was left in ruin, a new city was needed to take its place. It was founded at the shore of the Rift and was called Dragonwatch to honour the dragonriders and the dragon Sunchaser, who was kept beneath the city, protecting it when needed.

  • 992 YR

    The War for the Isles

    In a battle between House Aldyr and House Illeon for the Isles in the Rift, Sunchaser was called to turn the tide in battle, showing off the immense power of a full-grown fire wyvern. The Isles were burnt in the process, being called the Scourged Isles ever since. This show of power caused House Illeon and House Freyr to lay down their weapons and cease their fighting for the throne.

  • 1084 YR

    New warden of the Evergreen

    House Vigneron got appointed as the new warden of the Evergreen, the seat of power in the region shifting from Riverhold and House Mercier, to Wineport. This also started the long-lasting feud between House Mercier and House Vigneron.

  • 1196 YR

    New warden of the Glade

    Ser Gabriel Sylversword was appointed as the new warden of the Glade by the King, which also marks the start of House Sylversword.

  • 1279 YR

    Starting Year

    The starting year of the opening of Forged in Fire.