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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

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Born in the western continent of Lavarr, where dragons have roamed the skies for as long as human memory goes, the faith of Dragons came to Avalance with the arrival of the New Kings. This faith had long been dormant second to the faith of the Sun and Moon but grew in strength when the Dragon Kings took the throne. Nowadays the faith of Dragons is known throughout Avalance as the true faith and that of the Crown. Aside from people preaching about the dragon Gods, breath-taking temples and shrines have been build in honour of the four sibling Gods that shaped the world of Lavarr, Avalance and Yax'in. Most of these buildings are dedicated to Aster, the God of fire and creator of the world.

Origin story

Ages ago, on a dark night, the moon and sun gave birth to four dragon siblings. The oldest dragon brother, a fire wyvern named Aster, became known as the Brightest Star, creator of the world and king of all creatures. His younger brother, the ice dragon Raynor, became the Warrior of Judgement and kept the peace between his siblings, loving them all equal. Sea dragon Etro, Keeper of Souls, was a silent one, always protecting her younger sister but staying out of the trouble her brothers caused. The youngest dragon, the forest dragon sister Itzel, the Rainbow Goddess, was the opposite of her sister Etro and very rebellious. Challenging Aster on every move and decision, standing firm against him when he, out of boredom, shaped the world we live in today.

Aster, being quite full of himself, wanted nothing more than to be worshipped. Without confiding in his siblings, he gave shape to living things. Animals were created to be feasted upon, standing below the mighty dragon siblings. Aster revelled in the fear he instilled in the creatures he had created. Raynor was not pleased with his brother's decision but having a weak heart for the living creatures, created plants to feed them. It was Raynor who gave shape to the three layers of the universe so that there would be an order to life and death. He made the heavens for themselves. The earth was gifted to the creatures and the deep waters of the sea for the dead, that their souls would forever be bound below the ground.

Etro was furious that the one thing she made, her sea, became the place of death and destruction. She confided in Itzel to trick their brothers and teach them not to be so arrogant. Together they created humans, creatures with a will of their own and fire in their hearts so that they would never follow the dragons or see them as the Gods Aster wanted them to be. Itzel gave them fire to wield, sharing with them the holy power of Aster, while Etro showed them how to use it so that ice would never be as great a danger to them.

Of course, the brothers saw this as a betrayal and rebellion against all they had wanted to create. Aster was furious and Raynor heartbroken. The brothers stripped both the sisters of their legs and Etro of her wings, as a punishment for coming up with such a trick. Both sisters were sent away. Etro to the sea where she had to roam forever and guard the realm of the dead. Itzel was punished by sending her away to the jungles of the south, a place she could never leave again, making her creation forget about her as a Goddess. Etro became known as the Goddess of Death. While Raynor watched in silence as Aster spread false stories about his sisters, his only wish for the world to keep the fragile balance, leaving Aster to play with his subjects.

Humans, created in the rebellious act, began to worship Aster most of all because of the lies he fed them, creating statues and buildings in his name. Meanwhile, Etro is depicted as an evil that can swallow the world if she would ever be released upon the lands. Raynor became the guardian of balance, while Aster was the God he always wished to be. The Highlands, the lands where Raynor brother had taken his home, take the worship of the ice dragon above that of the other dragons. And in the Glade, the faith in Etro’s true visions and soul are worshipped. Even giving her a shrine in the capital of the Glade, Sapphire Keep.

When humanity finally set foot on the southern shores of Yax'in and met the forest serpents, they remembered the fourth sibling, Itzel. While the people from Yax'in do not necessarily see Itzel as evil, the people from Avalance were less forgiving. With Aster's hate in their hearts, forest serpents were banned from the mainland of Avalance and Lavarr. The beasts are killed on sight by those with the faith, seeing them only as tricksters and harbourers of death.

Ceremonial spaces

The Dragonfaith is a faith of elaborate architecture and art. Each temple or shrine is dedicated to one of the four dragon siblings and will look the part as well. People flock together at these spots to pray and pay their respects. Dragonpriests will take care of the shrines and temples and often live near or inside these structures dedicated to the faith. While everyday prayers are done at home mostly by holding a small figurine of the chosen warden of that household to the heart, the big prayers always happen at a temple or shrine.

Unlike the faith of the Sun and Moon, the religious space is not used for dancing and feasting. During ceremonies and celebrations, a Dragonpriest will be present, but they will refrain from alcohol and other pleasures. The temples and shrines are meant for prayer and to share the knowledge of the Dragon Gods.

Upon death

When a person dies, a ceremony will be held to burn the body and return it to the flames of Aster. The soul of an unburned body will wander, cold and alone, while those with a proper burning ritual will be forever warm and cosy. Their ashes become one with the earth, creating new life and starting a new cycle. There are cases of groups worshipping one of the other siblings having different methods of honouring the bodies of the dead, although because of the bone witches and sorcerers it is very common for people to still burn their dead.

White is the colour of mourning for the people who believe in the Dragonfaith. It is the colour of snow, of the cold, of the ice dragon Raynor who mourned the loss of his beloved sisters so. People will wear white clothing to a burning ceremony and if the loss is great, some will wear white for weeks on end.


There are certain rituals which apply to marriage, and while specific traditions may vary in different families, the basics are more or less the same on a wedding between people of the Dragonfaith. The more wealth a family possesses, the bigger the celebration will be.

The wedding is mostly a grand affair and takes place outside. The temples are only used for worship, but a Dragonpriest will lead the ceremony at the desired location. The two families involved both take a torch to light a bonfire, which is to seek Aster's blessing in this new union of the two Houses.

No white is worn at weddings because it is the colour of mourning. Instead, it is most common for the bride and groom to wear colours which represent their houses. Brides also wear a bridal crown, which is in most cases a family heirloom that has been passed on for generations. This crown is also made to represent the family of the bride, for example displaying their source of wealth.

Because the traditions forming the main ceremony at a wedding are such old ones, these are the same in the two faiths. The bride and groom will have their hands tied together while facing each other, which is called hand-fasting. They will say their vows while standing in this position. After they have done so, they will be released and give each other a ring to show they belong together. After the ceremony, it is very common for there to be a party and abundant feasting.

Important days

In Dragonwatch, a Fire Chalice harbours the Eternal Flame. It is said that this fire has been lit by Aster himself. For centuries the Dragonpriests have kept the flame ablaze. It symbolises the vigour and brightness of the Dragon God. It is a source of light, representing wisdom while darkness represents ignorance. Believers often visit the temple, gathering around the flame to pray.

“Look upon the heavens and earth. Aster made them not with dust and water. Stare into the flame and behold therein how they were created.” On the winter solstice, the longest and darkest night of the year, Aster's Light is organised. To battle the darkness, fires are lit throughout the cities. With a torch, the Eternal Flame is carried outside. A chosen man or woman is granted the highest honour to carry this torch and light the first fire, after which others are assigned to spread and carry their own flame to another pyre. This goes on until the whole capital is lit up brightly.


Nowadays, people believing in the Dragonfaith still see the beasts as holy. Dragonriders are considered chosen by Aster, and their soul is connected to the dragon that chose them. Dragonpriests oversee all that happens inside the city. In most Houses, they hold a position of power and influence. Sharing their wisdom and that of their Dragon Gods with the Lords and Ladies. Dragonpriests also oversee the ritualistic burning of bodies, so that the bodies of those who have left the earth return to ashes in the fire that once created them.

All in all, they have a very high standing in Avalance and are respected by most. Aside from the respect and the blessing from the Gods, the priests live quite humble lives in or near their temples. Marriage is forbidden, as is having children, they are to live without indulging in certain pleasures. There is a strict hierarchy between the priests as well, and only the wisest of them may sit with the King to advise him. This priest is also the leader of the Dragonfaith and decides what happens to the shrines and temples all around the Kingdom.