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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

Current Season


As winter arrives, the temperature lowers and the Highlands are covered in a blanket of snow, while the rest of Avalance deals with more rain and periods of wet snow.

Current Event

A Reign of Destruction

The people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands as the rain keeps crashing down from above. As if that wasn't enough, the King starts raising their taxes, taking from what little they have left.

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ik ben hier zo klote druk mee geweest red mij uit fif hel, jk bbys love u all
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Steve Tumblr_ozba8i92V81wc6eo0o8_540

Character Sheet
Age: 21
Magic: Dragonriding
Occupation: High Lord
Delsin Vigneron
Delsin Vigneron
Lord of Wineport

Steve Empty Steve

on Fri 27 Nov 2020, 21:42
wap's drop
i think his name was steve


"Take the fruit, it's good for you"

Hi there and welcome to my drop!

This is the place to be if you're interested in any plots or characters, as my currently active characters will have a quick overview as well as a shipper available. Each icon links to the character's post in this thread, in which you'll find more information about the character. For more detailed searches, you can refer to my other thread {TBC}.

Keep in mind that all codes in this thread were written by me. Please do not use or steal them. If you want to use them as inspiration or use the codes for your own thread, please contact me!

Feel free to hit me up through a Discord DM at Wap#0001, or a PM to Delsin Vigneron.

Each relationship will be described with a short description, as well as with the use of sliders. These sliders have been divided into five sections which are the most important values to keep in mind within a relationship.
Trust the belief in a person's honesty or sincerity.
Respect admiration as a result of abilities, qualities, or achievements.
Friendliness the emotions or conduct of associated; the state of their associatedhip.
Connection subjective feelings that come together to create or break a bond.
Attractiona quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire

romantic attraction physical attraction blood-related

There was Adam, there was Eve, and there was Steve

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Steve Tumblr_ozba8i92V81wc6eo0o8_540

Character Sheet
Age: 21
Magic: Dragonriding
Occupation: High Lord
Delsin Vigneron
Delsin Vigneron
Lord of Wineport

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 27 Nov 2020, 21:43
delsin vigneron
high lord, wineport


Now it's time to let the curtains unfold
when you said jump
I said how high
but when i jumped
You said goodbye

And tell all the stories that I didn't want told

I let it out so I unburden my soul

Once upon a time, Delsin had been the kind of person not to care about a thing in the world except for himself. Now, Delsin has responsibilities as the High Lord of the Evergreen. He's naive, inexperienced and often a little scatterbrained, but he has his heart in the right place. If it wasn't for his dragon, he'd have never been confident enough to make half the decisions he has made so far.

As High Lord, he has already made quite a few differences. From forging an alliance with House Mercier, to completely changing the High House's council. Whether or not these changes will work out in his favor is something only time will tell, but opinions on the young man are divided. Some believe he is the change the province needed, while others are certain his naivety will lead to their inevitable demise.

“Never hold resentments for the person who tells you what you need to hear; count them among your truest, most caring, and valuable friends.”
- mike norton

“Always remember that the crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.”
- terry pratchett

“We promise forever in a world where even life is temporary.”
- unknown

devil inside
Maybe I was born a sinner
I might never be a saint
It's ice cold in the shadows
One foot in the grave

I'm trying my best
by anson seabra
Now it's time to let the curtains unfold
And tell all the stories that I didn't want told
I let it out so I unburden my soul I won't stop

break my heart again
by finneas
So go ahead and break my heart again
Leave me wonderin' why the hell I ever let you in
Are you the definition of insanity?
Or am I? Oh, it must be nice,
To love someone who lets you break them twice

Counting Sheep with Noah CravalhoGOLDEN HILLS
Watch Me with Devon WinterRIVERHOLD
Tumbling Down with Kaz WinterRIVERHOLD
Oh, No! with Esthra IlleonKRAKEN’S LAIR
Cotton Eye Joe with Genevieve CoutureFAIRVIEW
start of the year 1280
The Dragon’s Song with Jules DeveauxRIVERHOLD
I Might Never Be a Saint with Anna CorbinRIVERHOLD
Heavy Dirty Soul with Cressida FabronRIVERHOLD
Descendants with Rayan VigneronRIVERHOLD
Surrender the Throne with Kaz Winter, John YaxleyRIVERHOLD
a dream of fire plotthread golden hills
Such a Charmer with Enya AldyrWINEPORT
Chainreaction with Rayan VigneronWINEPORT
Figure It Out with Enya Aldyrdragonwatch
Some Things Never Change with Alysanne Aldyrdragonwatch
A Whole New World with Elayne CoutureWINEPORT
Boy in the Bubble with Eryva VigneronWINEPORT
Beating of Young Hearts with Enya AldyrWINEPORT
Here I am with Alysanne AldyrWINEPORT
Our Dreams Come True with Enya AldyrWINEPORT
Devil’s Tongue with Kaz WinterWINEPORT
We’ve Just Begun with Rayan VigneronWINEPORT
This Is Me with Vigneron FamilyWINEPORT
After All This Time with Ophelia VigneronWINEPORT
Cat in the Bag with Raziel ArlingtonWINEPORT
A New Start with Set BarlowWINEPORT
Remember who I used to be with Devon WinterRiverhold
A new mouth to feed with Eryva VigneronWineport
Let Me Down Slowly with Elayne CoutureWineport
delsin becomes high lord of the evergreen
And So The Binding Is Made with Enya VigneronWineport
Evermore with Alysanne AldyrWineport
First Man with Leo CascioferroWineport
We Royals with Faolan AldyrWineport
This Place is Paradise with Enya VigneronWineport
My Every Road Leads to You with Enya VigneronWineport
Noble Blood with Apollo FreyrWineport
No Fame Without Effort with Celestine PravitkaWineport
Résolue with Willa WinchesterWineport
The Library is Open with Milo SpringWineport
The Trouble with Trouble with Mylla TundallWineport
New Order with Asher Fabron, Skaði FabronWineport
Too Good At Goodbyes with Enya Vignerondragonwatch
The Room where it happens with Alysanne AldyrWineport
You might hear them whisper with Apollo Freyrletter
Some Things Never Come Back with Elayne Coutureletter
Stumbling over my own feet with Eryva VigneronWineport
I’m Trying My Best with Celeste VigneronWineport
Shadow Of War with Raziel ArlingtonWineport
Truculent with Alec WinchesterWineport
The War between Ashax and Avalance
Some Tides Don’t Turn with Inej MercierRiverhold
A Flame That Still Burns with Jupiter FreyrWineport
Stumble in the Dark with Ophelia FreyrWineport
Inside the Rose with Elayne CoutureLetter
A Promise with Inej MercierLetter
It’s Quiet Uptown with Alysanne AldyrWineport
What About Us with Enya VigneronDragonwatch
Turning the Page with Faolan AldyrDragonwatch
Unburden My Soul with Rayan VigneronDragonwatch
Gone Too Deep with Eryva VigneronLetter
For what it’s worth with inej mercierLetter
This Might be the Lowest Place with Elayne CoutureLetter
Got it All Figured Out with Elayne CoutureWineport
Like my Head’s in the Clouds with Eryva VigneronWineport
The Pain That I’ve Seen with Margot VigneronWineport
All of the times i’ve spent... with Enya SummerWineport
Counting on Me with Enya SummerWineport
My Sweetest Downfall with Asher Fabron & Eryva VigneronKraken’s Lair
Bend the Rules with Enya SummerKraken’s Lair
Never Run Away with Eryva VigneronKraken’s Lair
Maybe it’s all worth it with inej mercierLetter
A friend like you with Alysanne Aldyrletter
Don’t forget to breathe with Elayne CoutureLetter
Still Stumbling Along with Ka’on AshKraken’s Lair
On my own with Arryn MercierRiverhold
The Good Type with Elayne CoutureRiverhold
Hope is the Beat in the Oldest Heart with Perdita AmeddaWineport
Tell Me More with Alysanne Aldyr & Enya SummerWineport
Voice of Reason with Faolan AldyrWineport
Echoes of Yesterday with Enya SummerWineport
harvest festival of 1280
Delight with Adeena SylverswordDragonwatch
Acrimony with Willa WinchesterDragonwatch
High Hopes with Pax SummerDragonwatch
For Whom The Bell Tolls with Harvest FestivalDragonwatch
No Right To Love You with Enya SummerDragonwatch
the day is gone with leo cascioferro dragonwatch
you’ll be in my heart wedding of costia and faolan dragonwatch
feels like coming home with perdita amedda wineport
we survived with jupiter freyr wineport
in control with kára falke wineport
winds of winter with vulcan freyr letter
this toxic nostalgia with kaz winter wineport
let the curtains unfold with alysanne aldyr wineport
a new force emerges with vulcan freyr caer scion
true loyalty with elayne couture sapphire keep
it must be nice with alysanne aldyr letter
Start of the year 1281
maybe when it’s done with enya summer wineport

family and relatives

Alysanne Aldyr
family by choice
While not related by blood, Alysanne is the one Delsin considers to be his closest family

Enya Summer
Accepted that things were over between them, only to find out she’s pregnant. Now, he’s conflicted.

eryva vigneron
first cousin (once removed)
Secretly his favorite Vigneron. He trusts her and cares for her a lot

margot vigneron
knows her only to be rude and unwelcoming towards him, enya and alysanne

ophelia freyr
they got off to a bad start, but are on the right path now

rayan vigneron
while rayan was the first one to welcome him into the family, delsin hasn't spoken to him in a while

council and employees

jupiter freyr
Everything he looks for in a chancellor, jupiter is fair and just. Delsin respects him a lot.

kára falke
while he does not know kára well, she’s family and his new marshal. Only time will tell how this will go.

kaz winter
before discovering his heritage, delsin considered kaz his brother

perdita amedda
alysanne’s handmaiden
a friendly girl who is good company. He likes having her around.


adeena sylversword
high lady of sapphire keep
the lady of sapphire keep was kind, which he respects. Has only met her once, however.

asher fabron
previous lord of Kraken's Lair
lost his trust after breaking promises, raiding a city, hurting his dragon and abducting his cousin

elayne couture
lady of fairview
one of the few people he truly trusts. In a short amount of time, she’s become important to him.

faolan aldyr
royal prince of avalance
delsin was quick to trust him and feels this was the right decision. The two have an understanding.

jeran aldyr
king of avalance
tried to have enya executed, ruined faolan’s wedding and is just a bad person altogether.

previous lady of Kraken's Lair
the wife of Asher Fabron. Not only is she an accomplice, she also threatened to burn down a brothel

vulcan freyr
high lord of caer scion
has only met the high lord once. The man was friendly, which he’ll remember.


devon winter
has always cared for her, even if she behaves like a proper bitch sometimes.

leo cascioferro
long-time friend
after being called a child, their friendship has taken a hit..

currently looking for
Between Amon and Loran, there was one more Vigneron sibling that most don't speak of. In a tough time between him and his father, the man fell in love with a girl who despised the Vigneron family. They fathered two children between 22 and 19 years of age right now, who are free to be played. They were raised mostly far from the family, though they did meet them at events until their father died, between 2 and 5 years ago.

Delsin's mother, Zélie, wasn't a Vigneron by birth. She still has family somewhere in Avalance and I'm completely open to plot this out!

i.e. (grand)children of Adelie Vigneron & Amon Vigneron, his great-grandparents. There's also still room for family of Lysa, who is the mother of the Vigneron-siblings. Any other relationship to the family is still open!

open for
as inexperienced high lord, delsin is up for any kind of political plot, whether they work out in his favor or not.

if delsin can be of any use in any plots, you're more than welcome to contact me.

I don't know the perfect road to go down, but I'm trying my best

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Steve Tumblr_p95welGvrq1wuo0k6o4_540

Character Sheet
Age: 28
Magic: None
Occupation: Master at Arms
Aemon Mercier
Aemon Mercier
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Sat 28 Nov 2020, 02:09
aemon mercier
master at arms, fairview


If the ground gives way beneath us
not yet corpses
Still, we rot
it’s easy to lose
yourself, i know

Find me where I first found you

And if the sky grows heavy, wrap your arms around me tight

born as the oldest son to house mercier, aemon was expected to take over the rule as soon as his parents would no longer be able to. however, it soon became clear that aemon did not support many of their decisions. he became a master at arms, teaching any who wished to learn how to defend themselves.

in an effort to avoid the family that was turning him into someone he abhorred with all his heart, aemon fled to dragonwatch. he stayed there for a few years, in wineport for two more, before finally returning to riverhold. he was still in conflict with his family when he met elayne, who managed to fight against his pessimistic side.

aemon is generally kind, though his analytical, objective and pessimistic self makes it hard to connect to people. once he has opened up, you'll find a friend for life in the man.

- quoted

So Far
by Ólafur Arnalds
So far from being free
Of the past that's haunting me
The future I just can't touch
And if you take my hand
Please pull me from the dark
And show me hope again

by kodaline
And if we hit on troubled water
I'll be the one to keep you warm and safe
And we'll be carrying each other
Until we say goodbye on our dying day

Where I First Found You
by Forest Blakk
And if the sky grows heavy
Wrap your arms around me tight
We’ll be all right
If the ground gives way beneath us
If we should fall to pieces
Find me, where I first found you

 Magna Carta with Jordan RedmayneWINEPORT
 Wishful Sinking with Rayan VigneronWINEPORT
 Face Down with Hayley SpringWINEPORT
 Runaways with Juliana MercierRIVERHOLD
 Nothing but Rainbows with Mercier FamilyRIVERHOLD
 Drowned at Sea with Arryn MercierRIVERHOLD
 Troubled Waters with Devon WinterRIVERHOLD
 This is Cold, This is Empty... with Elayne CoutureFAIRVIEW
 We Let Go with Inej MercierRIVERHOLD
 Far From Home with Reyanna SegalDORWINE
 Festive Endeavors with Hayley SpringDRAGONWATCH
 Oblivion with Genevieve CoutureDRAGONWATCH
 Serenity with Catherine SpearsDRAGONWATCH
 Fiend with Jordan RedmayneDRAGONWATCH
 Get This Right with Elayne CoutureDRAGONWATCH
Start of the year 1280
 Everything Will Make Sense with Samantha WinterRIVERHOLD
 Ocean of Secrets with Skaði FabronKRAKEN’S LAIR
 Worth Melting For with Elayne CoutureRIVERHOLD
In the Shadows with Jordan RedmayneLetter
Belladonna with Willa NibleyLetter
 Daphne with Willa NibleyRIVERHOLD
 The Cat and the Curious with Elodie DuvalierRIVERHOLD
 Stop The Clock with Rey MercierRIVERHOLD
 My Responsibility with Inej MercierRIVERHOLD
 All My Sweetest Memories... with Elayne CoutureWINEPORT
 Weight of a Whisper with Jordan RedmayneWINEPORT
 Enigma with Rey MercierWINEPORT
 Undecided with Elayne CoutureWINEPORT
 On the edge of something new with Mia CoutureFAIRVIEW
One step forward with Skaði Fabron Riverhold
 Born Bitter with Marina CascioferroRIVERHOLD
 Fire on Fire with John YaxleyRIVERHOLD
 At Last I See The Light... with Elayne CoutureRIVERHOLD
 So Far Away with Inej MercierRIVERHOLD
News of the war reaches Aemon
 Who We Are with Rayan VigneronWINEPORT
Screw Fear with Jordan RedmayneLetter
 Who We Need To Be with Jordan RedmayneDRAGONWATCH
Together with Rosslyn Bourbon dragonwatch
Drifting Away with Inej Mercier Riverhold
 Another Level with Rey MercierRIVERHOLD
 Hello, Darkness, with Elayne Couture, Élise DeveauxFAIRVIEW
Enough for one life with enya summer fairview
Stumbling blindly toward the light with Genevieve CoutureFairview
Until we say goodbye... with Rey Mercier letter
Get Through This with Rosslyn Bourbon Letter
Crossfire with Jordan Redmayne Letter
If we hit on troubled water with inej mercier Letter
Caught Up with Mia Couture Fairview
Some Days with Rey Mercier Fairview
Dusk till dawn with adrian falkfairview
Mon chéri with Allen MercierLetter
Caught on an iceberg with Eryva Vigneronwineport
like lightning in a bottle with alysanne aldyr wineport
somebody come get her with allen mercier wineport
overwhelmed with tristan mercier wineport
savage love with inej mercier wineport
living the dream with elayne couture wineport
im gonna be the girl who has everything with elayne couturefairview
like a midwinter storm with elayne couture dorwine
be our guest with eryva vigneron dorwine
happiness with rosslyn bourbon, elayne couturedragonwatch

family and relatives

elayne couture
has loved her since the very day they met, will continue to do so.

inej mercier
older sister
They have a hard time getting along, but he does care about her a lot.

rey mercier
younger sister
gets along with her quite well. She’s the person he confided in when he needed it the most.


currently looking for

Let’s draw a line between us, paint a map back to the start

Steve Tumblr_mlsv4ng85b1snysiao2_250

Character Sheet
Age: 27
Magic: Death Magic
Occupation: Lady / Surgeon
Aveline Mercier
Aveline Mercier
Lady of Kraken's Harbour

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Sat 28 Nov 2020, 12:15
aveline leroux
surgeon, kraken’s harbour


You been throwing punches at the wall

Nothing really makes much sense at all

You’re staring at the clock. I see your time is up and you know it

Aveline might seem careless on the outside, but nothing is less true. She’s someone who has devoted her life to helping those who stand no chance of their own. She’ll spend day after day taking care of the wounded in cities such as Kraken’s Harbour, just to make sure these people have a chance at healthcare. There’s not a single penny in it for her, but that’s never what she worked for.

Aveline is a bone witch, born to bring death upon this world as some would say. This death inside of her is what drives her to bring life instead. She fights every day to show herself that she’s not born for darkness. She needs to believe that she can be good.

Currently, she’s about to marry the new lord of Kraken’s Harbour, much to her own dismay. She’s willing to start an uprising in an effort to make him see what’s wrong with his way of handling things.

“There are two kinds of people in this world: hopeless romantics and realists.”
- lily collins

forest fire
by brighton
I used to whisper it will be alright
And lay down at your side
And take your tiny hands into mine
And how was I to know
I'm not strong
I should have saved you

these streets
by city wolf
Praying that you don't run out of luck
You're running but the pavements gotcha stuck
You've been around the block I know
You've got the cuts to show it

everything at once with kaz winterriverhold
drown with arryn mercierriverhold
confidently lost with asher fabronkraken’s lair
chokehold with midas hargrovekraken’s lair
witch doctor with afia seyikraken’s lair
for the first time in forever with elayne couturewineport
only human with sobek osirisriverhold
thunderstorms with juliana mercierriverhold
ever upwards with inactivekraken’s lair
last hurrah with skaði fabronkraken’s lair
chasing the morning sun with kaleb morainriverhold
let’s go back with avarice and alisaie lerouxfairview
gateway to paradise with kaz winterfairview
high lonesome sound with amelia pelletierriverhold
roses in the rain with kaz winterletter
i run to you with kaz winterDRAGONWATCH
monsters and heroes with pax summerDRAGONWATCH
it’s all the same with arryn mercierriverhold

title with name location
title with name location

family and relatives


currently looking for

So write your name in the dust, I hope they remember you

Steve Tumblr_odza5dyiqe1rxkzk5o3_400

Character Sheet
Age: 22
Magic: None
Occupation: Cavalry Master, Trackowner
Thomas Roswell
Thomas Roswell
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Sat 28 Nov 2020, 12:36
thomas roswell
jack of all trades, hallistall/evergreen


I cast my shadow everywhere I go
paint me as a villain
i’m standing
In The ashes of
Who I used to be

You better keep away from me

The Gods are passing judgement and the devil keeps a seat for me

Thomas is the kind of lowlife you wouldn’t want your daughter to get involved with. He’ll step over people if needed, with little to no regard as to what his actions will mean for those he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t trust easily, even doubting those who have stood by his side for as long as he can remember. He’ll break friendships and relationships, just to keep those people at an arm’s length. Because the closer they get, the more attached he’ll get and the more it’ll hurt if they inevitably leave again, like his mother did all those years ago.

Thomas owns a race track and dips into some illegal businesses, dealing in the tears of the poppy. He also works for Claude Moore, selling horses as he travels from and to the Crownlands, always busy, never resting.

- quoted

walk with the devil
by karliene
I shook hands with the Devil
Ah this town best be careful
Cause when you’re already dead
There’s no rope for your neck

The River
by Blues Saraceno
Oh my Lord take this hand,
save me from the gallows.
Hear this news, bear my gold
lay me in the shallows.
Evil will come if you call my name,
the wicked day shall rise.

holy water
by robin brorsson
I'll be buried down six feet under
if I don't change my ways
My sins are striking down like thunder
Looking for a better day

Play With Fire with Camille Laroux EVERGREEN
On the Flip of a Coin with Kaz Winter EVERGREEN
True Friends Stab You... with Jules DeveauxEVERGREEN
Liquid Sunshine with Nox FreyrEVERGREEN
Papillon with Olivia Summer EVERGREEN
Cannabitches with Nyx Xiaoyu EVERGREEN
Red Right Hand with Asher Fabron EVERGREEN
This Savage Song with Alucard Naevius EVERGREEN
It’s Getting Late with Catherine Spears EVERGREEN
Broken Crown with Skaði Fabron EVERGREEN
Poor Impulse Control with Jules Deveaux EVERGREEN
Wonderful Life with Milo Spring EVERGREEN
Hangman’s Blood with Grace Spring EVERGREEN
Shots with Maven Quinn EVERGREEN
Wild Thing with Syveara Estelion EVERGREEN
Whimsical with Milo Spring EVERGREEN
Better Than Me with Celeste Vigneron EVERGREEN
Homemade Dynamite with Amelia Pelletier EVERGREEN
On a Gathering Storm with Asher Fabron EVERGREEN
Fuck with Milo Spring EVERGREEN
Venus Fly with Ophelia Vigneron EVERGREEN
Into The Wild with Alexander Baxter crownlands
Time for Fun with Arlene Whytebeardsapphire keep
Take My Heart... with Nox Freyr sapphire keep
Run Free with Riley Quinncrownlands
Fire to the Night with Aislin Springcrownlands
His Catastrophic Plan with Asher FabronEVERGREEN
Wasted with Oliver FoggertyEVERGREEN
Looking for a Better Day with Nox FreyrEVERGREEN
Even the Score with Kaz WinterEVERGREEN
Knock, Knock, Knocking with Milo SpringEVERGREEN
House of the Rising Sun with Midas HargroveEVERGREEN
Welcome to the Fire with Nox FreyrEVERGREEN
Innocence Has Left Us Behind with Nox Freyr, Milo SpringEVERGREEN
Treasured Times with Raziel ArlingtonEVERGREEN
Kingdom of One with Milo SpringEVERGREEN
May You Always Be (Un)satisfied with Ava AutumnEVERGREEN
The Forecast Says It’s Gonna Be… with Kaleb MorainEVERGREEN
Burn Your Biographies with Cecilia DevereuxEVERGREEN
Country Roads with Kaz WinterEVERGREEN
Raging on a Sunday with John YaxleyEVERGREEN
Half-blood Prince with Cressida FabronEVERGREEN
Je Vois la Vie en Rose with Amelia PelletierEVERGREEN
Country Roads with Kaz BrekkerEVERGREEN
Jar of Hearts with Nox FreyrHIGHLANDS
Plotting our Demise with Kaleb MorainEVERGREEN
Play Dirty with Afia SeyiEVERGREEN
Derby with Grace SpringEVERGREEN
Tenacity with Riley QuinnEVERGREEN
Cannasnitches with Genevieve CoutureEVERGREEN
Primadonna Girl with Claude RedmayneEVERGREEN
Loose Change with Faylice EthelwinEVERGREEN
Ride With U with Nox FreyrEVERGREEN
New Chances with Zyanya SummerEVERGREEN
Pretty Ponies with Celeste VigneronEVERGREEN
Heroes and Dreamers with Riley QuinnEVERGREEN
Let Me Be Your Superhero with Nox FreyrEVERGREEN
Untold Stories with Milo SpringEVERGREEN
Don’t Wake Me Up with Skaði FabronEVERGREEN
Take A Little Walk... with Asher FabronEVERGREEN
Sights of Spring with Eryva VigneronEVERGREEN
The Fall with Tobias SpringEVERGREEN
The Good Stuff with John YaxleyEVERGREEN

title with name location
title with name location

family and relatives

grace spring
sister by choice
the one he could always depend on when he needed to until she went for asher.

milo spring
brother by choice
his best friend and brother, the person he trusts the most.


claude moore
lady of hallistall

riley quinn
right hand and friend



celeste vigneron
the one that got away





currently looking for

Cause when you’re already dead, there’s no rope for your neck

Steve 6aa563bc7b01e41d633ed2c5003884e1

Character Sheet
Age: 52
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Library owner, lord
Isaac Thorne
Isaac Thorne
Lord of Crestfall

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 14:34
isaac thorne
lord, crestfall


Lovesick melody, carry my words across the sea

Tell her I miss her, tell her I'm torn in two

I can remember being nothing but fearless and young

Isaac has always been and always will be a family-oriented man first and foremost. He cares about his family more than anything in the world, as is clear by the amount of children he has. Over the course of his life, multiple children have been allowed to spend time at their home, welcomed as if they were his own.

Isaac is a newly appointed Lord, seated in Crestfall. While the position is new to him, Isaac is a knowledgeable man and is expected to perform well under pressure. Of course, being new to this means he still has a lot of people to meet, as well as alliances to form.

His family owns a library that is open to everyone, as long as you deliver a letter or book for the collection, in exchange for being allowed to read inside the library. Due to this arrangement, they own an incredible amount of letters and books, making it a true point of interest.


“Always pity the thinkers,
For they are cursed with their own imagination.”
- atticus

“Normality is a paved road:
It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow”
- van Gogh

“Come on, dance with me.
The earth is spinning, we can’t just stand on it.”
- Dino Ahmetovic

Cold at the Altar
by Chris Kläfford
Could you come back to your body?
I could use somebody next to me
I stand here singing "Hallelujah"
Don't give all it do you, you're not here
You gone cold at the altar

My love will never die with Raina ThorneCrestfall
Opportunities and possibilities with Dax CerwynCrestfall
Knowledge is Everything with Jesse ThorneCrestfall
Game of Life with Judas Thorne Crestfall
What’s it like? with Miya Thorne Dragonwatch
Blinding Lights with Faolan Aldyr Dragonwatch
Hopefully it will be better this time with Eritreya Quinn Dragonwatch
Like drops in the ocean with Costia BourbonDragonwatch
Start of the year 1281

family and relatives


currently looking for
mostly people who spent a part of their youth in the Thorne-residence, but not all of it.
Thorne is a big family, so apart from the children, there’s still a lot free for the taking!
House Thorne is a busy home, always looking for new servants, as well as people to work in the library. People are always welcome to come visit the library as well.

So let's dance like two shadows, burning out a glory day

Steve E3a3c899cdde2a1ee233ad6d1556905d

Character Sheet
Age: 26
Magic: Spiritwalking
Occupation: Capo (Cascioferro) + Head of External Affairs, council of Dorwine
Nikos Cascioferro
Nikos Cascioferro
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 15:35
nikos cascioferro
head of external affairs, dorwine


I can tell you the parts that make me up

and you can calculate the sum

I'll impart to you what I believe would be the recipe for me

Nikos is not the kind of person to stand out in a crowd. Rather, he’s like an old song you know all the words to. The one song you keep returning to without ever knowing, singing along with its lyrics before even realizing it is on. He’ll be the friend you take for granted, the one person to always be there, even if you don’t deserve it.

He is the Head of External Affairs in Dorwine, as he is quite capable when it comes to political interactions. He advises Eryva and tries to get to know the most prominent nobles of Avalance, in an effort of helping Dorwine thrive. But not only this, as Nikos is also a member of House Cascioferro, where he assists Malèna as one of her Capo’s.

- quoted

Waiting in the wings
by Rapunzel’s tangled adventure
Guess we all are born with parts to play
Some of us are stars, and some are just in the way
I know I was meant for glory
But that's never what my story brings

Flying without wings
by Westlife
So impossible as they may seem
You've got to fight for every dream
'Cause who's to know which one you let go
Would have made you complete

forever and always with nesryn callisterletter
a lost cause with malèna cascioferro riverhold
i settle up into a world of noise with eryva vigneron dorwine
information gathering with ashe gautierdorwine
a friend of a friend with elayne couture wineport
the perks of being a wallflower with genevieve couture wineport
cause and effect with oliver cascioferro ruby bay
safe and sound with eryva vignerondorwine
the dome and the domicile with malèna cascioferro dorwine
i’ll admit i wasn’t very smart with elayne couturesapphire keep
walla walla, bing bang with eryva vigneron sapphire keep
Start of the year 1281

family and relatives


currently looking for

I couldn't tell you why I am who I've become

Steve 40f38a2bca3024dfcf198a5d9a738104

Character Sheet
Age: 28
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Musician
Flynn Illeon
Flynn Illeon
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 16:04
Flynn Illeon
musician, travelling


Let me tell you another secret of the trade
my home
Was never
On the ground

It feels like sinking when I'm standing in one place

but i want to be here to watch the ones that i love bloom

Driven by impulse, yet with the willpower and stubbornness to continue a path he has set himself upon. Flynn is known to make split second decisions and while he might regret them later, none shall ever know. He refuses to show any sign of doubt and just keeps on moving forward, hoping the goal will come in sight once again. He will, however, get easily distracted once someone needs him, losing sight of that goal once again.

Flynn deeply cares for the people around him and has no intention of hiding this. He has many friends, though only a few that know more about him. To most, he’s just an ambitious young man who speaks of his dreams as if he knows they’ll someday be a reality. It’s only when he opens up that his insecurities show and a whole new part of Flynn comes to light.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and that which cannot remain silent.”
- Victor Hugo

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

if you love her
by forest blakk
Take it
If she gives you her heart
Don't you break it
Let your arms be a place
She feels safe in
She's the best thing that you'll ever have

no roots
by alice merton
Ask me where I come from,
I'll say a different land
But I've got memories
and travel like gypsies in the night

by sleeping at last
How wonderful to see a smile on your face
It costs farewell tears for a welcome-home parade
A secret handshake between me and my one life:
I'll find the silver lining no matter what the price

Wild Roses Bloom with Nesryn Callisterdragonwatch
wishful plans with alysanne aldyr dragonwatch
the last dance with sofia alastair dragonwatch
i wonder why these lines aren’t straight with eleanor summerdragonwatch
we pretend to see truth in all these lies with nesryn callister dragonwatch
no roots with pax summer dragonwatch
like gypsies in the night with nesryn callister dragonwatch
the world’s a little brighter with alysanne aldyr wineport
embers filled with memories with alysanne aldyrrippling depths
spooky scary skeletons with nesryn callisterdragonwatch
never good enough with faolan aldyr sapphire keep
walking on sunshine with tbc sapphire keep

Start of the year 1281

family and relatives



alysanne aldyr
Alysanne is his muse and is in every way stunningly beautiful. He has fallen for her, though she’s always out of reach.

nesryn callister
best friend
his best friend in the entire world and someone who is like a sister to him.

currently looking for
people he knew in asherah, mostly. This could even be an old flame he broke things off with to start travelling.

When everything feels heavy, I've learned to travel light

Steve 094b6afe30b089fabfbc694d2e3ef83682645066

Character Sheet
Age: 36 y/o
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Sage
Ghiann Guerra
Ghiann Guerra
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 16:51
Ghiann Guerra
sage, asherah


how quickly they do sell their souls
everyone is guilty
Of something
clever devil

for the feast and the promise of gold

Come let the revolution take its toll

Even though Ghiann is usually carrying himself with a serious demeanor, he has a habit of trying to cross boundaries, causing him to smirk occasionally when amused by another’s response. He’s charismatic, erudite and level-headed, acting with great authority.

He is an ambitious man, openly obsessed with the progress of humanity. He often pushes back his own feelings and thoughts to think about what is best for his purpose. He’s a successful businessman who knows how not to get caught and when to keep a low profile. He lives in service to his ideals and is convinced that bringing order, purpose and direction is for the best of humanity.

While he can be merciful, he does not let mercy get the best of him. He has no desire to have his name known across the world, instead often using a simple alias: the Spider. He cares only for what he can achieve.

“The people never have the power. Only the illusion of it. And here's the real secret: they don't want it. The responsibility is too great to bear. It's why they're so quick to fall in line as soon as someone takes charge. They want to be told what to do. They yearn for it.”
- haytham kenway, ac3

by muse
Another promise, another scene, another
Packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed with all the
Green belts wrapped around our minds and endless
Red tape to keep the truth confined, so come on

part of the disease with cassiopeia summerdragonwatch
dance on the edge of mystery with enya aldyrdragonwatch
fighting my demons with manuela aldyrdragonwatch
the future is changing with arno gunnarssonletter
fragments with arno gunnarssondragonwatch
the queen’s justice with zehirah illeondragonwatch
clever devil with sierra ouroborosletter
bones of metal with isolde renouardletter
blind leading the blind with zahra rezghiasherah
a devious dance with inej mercierriverhold
into the spider’s web with sierra ouroborosriverhold
The war between Ashax and Avalance
i’m a sinner to most... with isolde renouarddragonwatch
birds of war with sierra ouroborosdragonwatch
in a world of black and white with faolan aldyrasherah
crusade with isolde renouardletter
dear father with eleanor summerletter
i’m headed straight for the castle with eleanor summerasherah
when it’s over with enya summerdragonwatch
quit living on dreams with faolan aldyr dragonwatch
Start of the year 1281

family and relatives


currently looking for

we should never be afraid to die

Steve Tumblr_mr5sdmcXoG1rzxujso1_500

Character Sheet
Age: 39 years
Magic: None
Occupation: Leader [Black Wolf]
Olvaerr Aðalríkr
Olvaerr Aðalríkr
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 17:16
olvaerr aðalríkr
tribe leader, highlands


We'rе worlds apart, but this axe sings

A language they will understand

We are the kings and this is my kingdom now

He's an ambitious man who is also highly courageous and adventurous, never backing down from a challenge. Experience has taught him to be bold and his quick wits and exceptional stories make him an inspirational man, one who is known to get what he wants through persistency.

He has a lack of remorse, seeing crying as a weakness and looking down on those he deems weak. He's temperamental and in his temperament, seeks confrontations. Once he has been wronged, he does not let go of his anger and is known to be vindictive. He does not trust easily and come across cynical.

There's more to him than just the leader of the black wolves. Once he puts down his axe, he's a humorous man, whose jokes can often be flirtatious. He's cocky and honest, but also rather frivolous, feeling the need to lighten up the atmosphere. Outside of battle, he believes it is important to enjoy oneself. After all, why fight for a life that's not worth living?

- quoted

by NerdOut!
A nation's eyes on raven wings
I plant my flag on foreign land
We're worlds apart, oh but this sword sings
A language they will understand
Oh I know we couldn't go back
Every card they dealt was all black
And this blade is ever stained with red
But know this honour never could crack

May you find a swift journey with valkyrie ainiaqfrozen abyss
Calling for rain with Helena Saldís frozen abyss
mystery with vulcan freyr caer scion
new territory with yrsa nunataq caer scion
Start of the year 1281

family and relatives


currently looking for

Every card they dealt was all black

Steve Tenor

Character Sheet
Age: 26
Magic: Dragonriding
Occupation: Bartender
Darius Kabīr
Darius Kabīr
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 19:28
darius kabīr
bartender, riverhold


Captive to our own sins unless no one is watching
we have each other
maybe we'll meet again

And the worst part is that there is no escaping

i’ll be the avalanche that carries you

As he has always gone after what he wants, he’s become self-indulgent, always going after what he wants. Often caught in his own personal bubble, he might come across inattentive, losing focus quickly. This causes him to lack systematic structure. His playfulness and whimsical behaviour tend to give him the kind of boyish charm that goes well with his messy looks.

Growing up in an environment with injustice, he’s become fair-minded, having a strong distaste for any who treats people as any less than equals. Yet another thing that might trigger his temper and show a side of him only few people truly know.

His past forever haunting him, he has become cautious of the people around him. Oftentimes this caution turns into straight paranoia, afraid that everyone around him might be lying or turning against him.

“I fear no evil. The shadow is mine and so is the valley.”
- unknown

by cemetery sun
Captive to our own sins unless no one is watching
Choices that we consent to until we start falling into the dark
And the worst part is that there is no escaping and
Not even asleep or when we're dreaming
They'll always lay right beside you, always lay right beside you

from gold to sand with rey mercier riverhold
boy like me with elayne couture riverhold
Start of the year 1281

family and relatives


currently looking for

we’ll fall down like snow

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Steve Tumblr_nbtd3gpkae1rc611so2_500

Character Sheet
Age: 28
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Mercenary
Nyssa Cerwyn
Nyssa Cerwyn
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 19:49
nyssa cerwyn
mercenary, travelling


Can't you see that we're dead until we wake up?  
you should be
A f r a i d

All your dreams are about to happen.

lyric lyric lyric lyric lyric lyric lyric lyric


“Nothing is sad until it’s over, then everything is.”
- Twelve

“You said memories become stories when we forget them. Maybe some become songs.”
- Clara Oswald

by artist

title with name location
title with name location

family and relatives


currently looking for

quote quote quote

Steve OxWR

Character Sheet
Age: 24
Magic: None
Occupation: Performer / Investigator
Izabel d'Amari
Izabel d'Amari
Avalance Citizen

Steve Empty Re: Steve

on Fri 25 Dec 2020, 20:14
Izabel d’Amari
performer and investigator, travelling


To that king I will bow, at least for now

One of these days a comin', I'm gonna to take that boy's crown

No one calls you honey, when you're sitting on a throne

Izabel is nothing if not ambitious. She doesn’t back down and has a need to prove herself, no matter the consequences. She’s assertive and gutsy, driven by the desire to prove herself and her high confidence. She doesn’t beat around the bush and does not let fear dictate her agenda.

She has a strong sense of identity and will never blend in with a crowd. She has a strong sense of humour and is oftentimes joking around, whether practical jokes or making flirtatious remarks. Being confident, she won’t back down and will cross lines to have some fun, often sticking her nose in places it doesn’t belong. The more someone will tell her not to do it, the more she wants to.

Her decisions are made on a whim. Her impulsive and whimsical behaviour makes her temperamental, as she won’t accept not getting what she wants and deserves within the timespan in which she thinks she needs to get it.

- quoted

by artist

Born to play this game with Elayne Couture dragonwatch
Start of the year 1281
title with name location

family and relatives


currently looking for

i’m not a bite, i’m a five course meal

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