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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

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Winter has left Avalance. In the South of Avalance, the green color of Spring is returning and since the disappearance of Stormbringer, the North hasn't been bothered by any more storms.

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A Dream of Ice

A Dream of Ice has ended with four lucky people finding an egg and hatching a dragon of their own.

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Willa Winchester
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker L1szqci57
IC posts : 314
Alias : Swaas

Character Sheet
Age: Twenty-two
Magic: None
Occupation: Mercenary
Willa WinchesterAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty

on Mon 22 Jun 2020, 21:54
Because: who doesn't like playing Cupid every now and then?
It's pretty easy: you are the matchmaker! You know... this one↓↓

Matchmaker Giphy

Just match the character above you with another one from FiF!
Let us know why (or don't that's your choice) and have fun with it!

Let's start with Willa!
Claude Moore
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker Tumblr_inline_obv1incWfw1sk0hjb_100
IC posts : 50
Alias : Ro

Character Sheet
Age: 22 years
Magic: None
Occupation: Lady
Claude MooreLady of Hallistall

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Wed 24 Jun 2020, 13:29
Alec always duhh

Matchmaker 027eba54c380c0dc9c8d084510b251c6
Grace Spring
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker Oy9mrs
IC posts : 184
Alias : Swaas

Character Sheet
Age: Twenty-six
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Madame
Grace SpringAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Thu 25 Jun 2020, 01:11
My head went: Midas, so I'm sticking with that one.

Which pretty princess doesn't like a much older bad boy to swoon over?!

Thomas Spring
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker A5ef681b486fdae7f7ebdc63ee677bbf631dfb67
IC posts : 993
Alias : Wap

Character Sheet
Age: 22
Magic: None
Occupation: Trackowner
Thomas SpringAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Thu 25 Jun 2020, 15:34
Grace deserves someone who's kind and yet strong enough to make her feel safe from Asher danger. So, had he been active and not taken, I'd actually have gone with:

Adeena Sylversword
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker Tumblr_inline_ocsu7h0DXN1tgsn29_250
IC posts : 120
Alias : Swaas

Character Sheet
Age: Twenty-five
Magic: None
Occupation: Lady of the Glade
Adeena SylverswordLady of Sapphire Keep

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Mon 29 Jun 2020, 23:53
Milo because GREATEST plottwist in history. Nobody would see that coming with Tommy's reputation.

EDIT: I just noticed that I posted with Manny, that was rude of me. Please continue c:

Alison Carthas
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker F698e620f574fae2385d89709c3ab93ad7ca8994
IC posts : 58
Alias : Cat

Character Sheet
Age: 25
Magic: None
Occupation: Lady
Alison CarthasAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Tue 30 Jun 2020, 01:18
Tbh I feel like she could have a great connection and match with Frederick, though I’m not sure Ali would agree :’)

"be great or be nothing"
Aemon Mercier
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker 177d28f19325696b30fb039f4077901231d76053
IC posts : 477
Alias : Wap

Character Sheet
Age: 28
Magic: None
Occupation: Master at Arms
Aemon MercierAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Wed 01 Jul 2020, 13:31
I feel like Alison & Apollo would make a good couple, especially since her loyalty is up north as well. They'd make a good ruling couple. Don't tell Delaney.

Freyja Skarsgård
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker Vr6MPnu
IC posts : 212
Alias : Daan

Character Sheet
Age: 24 years
Magic: Spiritwalking
Occupation: Lady of The Last Hearth
Freyja SkarsgårdLady of The Last Hearth

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Wed 01 Jul 2020, 13:56
I mean I don't really have to explain this one

Matchmaker Tumblr_ounfzf2IsH1vmjs6wo1_250

my skin has turned

from porcelain,

to ivory, to steel
Lilura Azamarr
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker Jnnuzn8cmbp
IC posts : 38
Alias : Swaas

Character Sheet
Age: Fourty-seven
Magic: Dragonriding
Occupation: Artisan
Lilura AzamarrAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Thu 02 Jul 2020, 11:36
Tall blue-eyed sharp-jawed Northerner babies with Vulcan -roohappy-

Matchmaker Tumblr_n5i11jxATL1qg22hlo1_400

Eryva Vigneron
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker X10
IC posts : 243
Alias : Babs

Character Sheet
Age: 20
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Lady (Florist/Herbalist)
Eryva VigneronAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Thu 02 Jul 2020, 23:18
Garrett, I mean, she makes cookies for his puppies :c

Matchmaker 2Q==
Vallea Cascioferro
Mini-avatar : Matchmaker Fr2iz3cags2dq
IC posts : 20
Alias : Swaas

Character Sheet
Age: Twenty-four
Magic: Transmutational Alchemy
Occupation: Priestess
Vallea CascioferroAvalance Citizen

Matchmaker Empty
Re: Matchmaker

on Thu 09 Jul 2020, 12:28
Just because I think that she and Bas would look awfully great together <3
Matchmaker Original

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Re: Matchmaker

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