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As winter arrives, the temperature lowers and the Highlands are covered in a blanket of snow, while the rest of Avalance deals with more rain and periods of wet snow.

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A Reign of Destruction

The people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands as the rain keeps crashing down from above. As if that wasn't enough, the King starts raising their taxes, taking from what little they have left.

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House Cascioferro Pg5wfvA

Character Sheet
Age: 29 years
Magic: Spiritwalking
Occupation: Crime Boss
Malèna Cascioferro
Malèna Cascioferro
Avalance Citizen

House Cascioferro Empty House Cascioferro

on Sun 26 Apr 2020, 14:19
House Cascioferro Steadfast and Loyal


lord x
lady Malèna Cascioferro
heir T.B.D.
seat near Riverhold

”I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

The Cascioferro family is known for two things: their trade in luxury goods and the fact that they are an organized crime family. Most people are only aware of the first one. Some might have heard stories about their organized crime, but it stays exactly that: stories. Only those in business with them know where their true trade lies. The ultimate aim of the Cascioferro's is to earn money.

The family is admired for the way they handle their business, envied for their extreme wealth and feared for their reputation. They are ruthless in whatever deal they strike, both legal and illegal, and always make sure the debt to them is paid. To them it is justice, while others see their punishments for not fulfilling their agreement as cruel. Doing business with them can result in a prosperous friendship or a bloodstained tragedy. Yet, most people choose to do so anyway, blinded by the possibility of just experiencing a minute of their riches.

Their organization is cleverly divided and structured for survival. 60% of their business is legal, while only 40% is illegal. However, illegal goods and services prove to be much more profitable, making up 60% of their income. The other 40% is divided with 25% luxury goods and 15% common goods.

Legal Activities

House Cascioferro to the general public is known for their trade in luxury goods. This includes goods like spices, perfumes, gold and silver, jewels, ivory and luxury textiles. Most of these goods are shipped in from various ports in Lavarr, with whom they have strong connections due to the Cascioferro heritage. Since the arrival in Avalance many centuries ago the family also trades in more common goods like wine and oils. They do this to always have a constant and steady income. Over the years they have developed a clientele of many loyal businesses and families.

Organized Crime

As an organized crime family, their main goal is to create profit from illicit activities. Their existence is maintained through corruption and intimidation, while they protect their operations by threats of force.

One of their most common methods is extortion. They offer their protection from ‘criminals’ who wish to harm one’s family in return for money. The fact that they are criminals themselves is often left aside as their protection is as valuable as any other lord’s. They also deal in illegal goods. This is because illegal goods are often expensive, untaxed and unregulated, leaving room for the family to step in and smuggle the goods into the country. These goods include things like drugs, medicine, potions, antiquities and information but they’ll sell you anything you can find on a black market. Other activities include: bribery, blackmail, fraud, intimidation, espionage and money laundering.

They don’t favour using violence, but have a history of resorting to it anyway. This has created a fearsome reputation for them. Methods they resort to are threats by force, assault and even murder. Assassinations are not off the table, but will take a lot of negotiating. It is a known fact that no one ought to cross them or their associates, or the price will be paid. They always make good on their promises.


The illegal business is well-protected by making all members of the family, picciotti and most associates swear a code of silence called Omertà, in exchange for protection. He who breaks it or betrays the family pays with his life. Relatives of the turncoat may also be murdered. The need for secrecy and inconspicuousness deeply colours the traditions and mannerisms of the Cascioferro’s. After centuries of bloodshed nobody dares to come close to breaking it and favours a healthy relationship with the family.

Nobody has ever been able to prove their crimes and bring them to court for it, except on one minor occasion. They emake sure to never be directly related to their crimes or destroy all evidence that they are. It is forbidden to write down anything about the activities, as such evidence can be discovered by unwanted parties. Only a select few leaders in the family know the true extent of their organization. Because of their many important ties within Avalance and  Lavarr, not to mention the dependence on them, they are usually turned a blind eye to.

The organization

C. Famiglia Malèna Cascioferro
C. BastoneT.B.D.
Picciotto's Lucretia Ardente, T.B.D.
Associates Thomas Spring, T.B.D.

Legenda | C. = Capo, for an image that explains the ranks: click here

”I respect a person who respects me when I’m not around.”

The Cascioferro’s have a well-organized structure for their organization. It is hierarchical, with the boss having the utmost power and the highest pay. An important thing to note is that they make no difference between men or women. They look at a person themself rather than someone’s gender.

High Ranks:
Capo Famiglia (Boss) | The Capo Famiglia, is head of the family and organization, who makes all the important decisions and can order anything from anyone. Although each Capo Famiglia has run the family differently, they have one thing in common: they are greatly respected and widely feared by their subordinates.

Consigliere (Chief Advisor) | The Consigliere is the right-hand man and close friend of the Boss. He is chosen for his abilities and the amount of knowledge he possesses. The Consigliere is meant to offer unbiased information based on what he sees as best for the family. Although uncommon, the Consigliere is not required to be a direct relative of the boss.

Capo Bastone (Underboss) | The Capo Bastone, is second-in-command in the hierarchy of the Mafia crime family. The Capo Bastone is ready to stand in for the boss at any given moment. He has the second most authority after the Capo Famiglia. He has the ability to file almost all orders, although many have to be discussed with the Capo Famiglia first. The Capo Bastone is required to be a direct relative of the Capo Famiglia.

Caporegime (Advisor) | The Caporegime or Capo, is an advisor to the Capo Famiglia and often in charge of a division within the organization. He has the authority to give command to a large group of Picciotti. He can order them to do basic tasks like witness intimidation and making deliveries. A Capo’s career relies heavily on how much money they can bring into the family. They keep some of their earnings and the rest are passed up. These seats are usually filled by people with political power or people of age that can offer advice.

Low / other ranks:
Picciotto (Soldiers) | A Picciotto is the lowest-ranking member of the hierarchy, who do the majority of the work from making deliveries to witness intimidation. There is a special group of Picciotti that are assasins, reserved for assault or murder. Picciotti generally stick out their neck in the hope of making a name for themselves by demonstrating their loyalty to the organization. In turn they receive protection.

Malèna’s personal guards | As is tradition, Malèna has an elite team of guards. They are different from the other guards or servants, as she pays them with her own personal money and they are thus not directly related to the organization. Although it is not uncommon for them to take orders from other ranking members, in the end they are only loyal to her.

Flying Squad | This is a group of young and beautiful women and men that are trained and polished by Malèna herself. They are sent to entertain, gain the trust (and sleep) with people of importance and report back to Malèna with information. This includes, but is not limited to; secret meetings, changing written contracts, changing personal opinions, agreement and political interests and knowing what is going on in Avalance at all times.

Associates | They are not actual members of the family or organization, but they work for or with the organization. They are anyone who teams up with them on a criminal enterprise of some kind. They are not protected by the organization, unless they are a very important and valuable to the organization.


liege House Mercier of Riverhold
alliances T.B.D.

”Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family.”

The Cascioferro’s political game has changed over the last century. They used to keep out of politics at all but now they are more open to slowly infiltrate in certain positions of power. Nowadays it is not uncommon that a Cascioferro takes up a position in the council of a city to further the position of the family. There have been rulers of cities in families but they’d rather not stand in the direct spotlight because it would be tough on their business. They tend to keep out of conflicts amongst Houses and generally don’t take part in wars.

Their relationship with House Mercier has always been a prosperous one where the two left each other mostly unbothered as taxes were paid right on time. Ultimately they are loyal to their own family.

While the family is located in the Evergreen, they have ties that run through all of Avalance. They are open to trade with any other house as long as there is money to be made and it is a loyal relationship.

the Cascioferro estate

”Don’t tell them your plans, show them your results.”

The Cascioferro estate is an immense and monumental estate located near Riverhold. It is the epitome of wealth. The estate is filled with gardens on three levels of terraces: the upper, middle and lower terrace. The crown jewel of the estate is the manor itself, which can be found on the upper terrace. Alongside it are several luxurious guesthouses, another house for the family, the stables and the small but comfortable servant quarters where those who work on the estate live. The servants usually don’t interfere with any other employees and generally don’t know a lot about what goes on.

The estate is heavily guarded, making it somewhat of a fortress, with several guards patrolling the edges at all times. There are three entrances: the main gate, the western gate and the eastern gate. The north faces the shimmering river, which is also used to import and export some of their products that are stored in the two warehouses close to the river.

In its architecture and landscaping a mixture of both Lavarr and Avalance culture can be seen. Even though it has homed some of the most cruel businessmen in Avalance it is a beautiful and elegant place to be, where all the horrors of the world seemingly can’t reach you. The gardens are endless and always look as neat as can be, even in winter.

Besides their estate the family owns several establishments throughout the Evergreen, also in the big cities like Riverhold, Fairview and Wineport. The family has their own vineyard not far from the estate. Over the centuries they have bought up lots of land throughout the Evergreen. Most of this land is occupied by farmers who work on vineyards, or to farm fruits or olives. They are left mostly unbothered by the family and live a normal life.

See the post below for more details on the estate.


G. fatherVincenzo Cascioferro
G. motherNijah Cascioferro
lordLorenzo Cascioferro
ladyGianna Cascioferro
childrenMalèna, Marina, Oliviero (Oliver), Leonardo (Leo)
UncleDelvin Morain
AuntIsabella Cascioferro
childrenRafaël Morain, Vallea Morain, Vallea Cascioferro, Federico Morain
UncleSalvatore Cascioferro
AuntVittoria Cascioferro
childrenCosimo Cascioferro, Angelica Cascioferro
G. UncleGiorgio Cascioferro
G. AuntNicola Cascioferro
F. Cousin *Fransesco Cascioferro
F. Cousin*Liliana Cascioferro
S. CousinsNikos Cascioferro, Alexandra Cascioferro
G. UnclePartner of Lucia
G. AuntLucia Cascioferro
F. Cousin *Aldrin Alcazar
F. Cousin*Eleonora Alcazar
S. CousinSanguine Alcazar

Legenda | Italic text = adopted | strike = deceased, | * = once removed

“Everyone will be pulling us apart over this so we need to come together to protect our family.”
“You mean our business.”
“Same thing.”

The family has a strict hierarchy that everyone ought to answer to. Their organization is the same as the family itself, and they make no difference in it. All family members are expected to get a job within the organization. Those who don’t adhere to it usually lose their financial support, but this depends on the decision of the Capo Famiglia. Elders are respected and usually give advice to the Capo Famiglia. They refer to their business as “our thing”, instead of calling it criminal.

They are originally from Lavarr. This gives them dark hair and eyes, and a slightly tanned skintone. The family places a great importance on their heritage and are very proud of it. Their customs and traditions are centuries old and have never been forgotten. To dishonor them is seen as a disgrace to the family. Upon marriage, it is custom to keep the Cascioferro name, especially as a woman.

[Here] you can find the current & updated family tree


”Behind every successful fortune, there is a crime.”

806 - 839 | Salvatore & Maddalena Cascioferro

The name Cascioferro was first founded in 806. This was when the title Capo Famiglia was first mentioned. It is debatable wether this is the actual start, or if they are even older, but the family has over the years decided upon this date. This made Salvatore Cascioferro the founder of the house. They come from a long line of traders and merchants, but they have always been an organized crime family focused on making money.

Salvatore is most credited for putting a clear structure into his organization. He came up with the ranks and founded omertà, rules which are still used to date. Omertà is one of their strongest weapons.

839 - 1068 | Long line of Cascioferro’s

House Cascioferro originates from Lavarr, more specifically Tirohyn. The city trades almost directly with the royal house and the Cascioferro’s have a long history of doing so as well. The house is known to have a lot of friends, but also enemies. Their history is scarred with bloodshed. Throughout their history multiple bloodbaths have taken place.

1068 - 1115 | Cosimo & Lucrezia Cascioferro

At the start of his reign, Lord Cosimo Cascioferro had a vision that said the House had to leave Tirohyn or they would cease to exist. Cosimo didn’t comply until tensions rose too high but in the meantime he started to buy up a lot of land in the Evergreen as well as establishments in the city. The Cascioferro estate near Riverhold was also quickly expanded. The threats on his family members eventually became too grave and finally, in 1081, most of the Cascioferro’s moved to Avalance.

They were welcomed with relatively open arms. Such a notorious family would bring both chaos and wealth. Yet, the welfare of their business was too intimidating to refuse. They had already established themselves through their strong trade connections with Lavarr and Avalance. They quickly gained both marketshare and reputation. The family already had a foot in the door when it came to illegal trade in Avalance and now that they were actually there, no one could stop them. Whilst they seemed to lay low in their organized crime, they were actually slowly digging their claws into the black market and gaining intel. When most of the black market started to notice how far their reach actually went, it was already too late.

They married into other noble houses to ensure their bloodline would be continued and trade routes would be honored. Anyone who dared threaten them was silenced quickly enough, one way or another, and it was always covered up. Cosimo ruled for 47 years.

1115 - 1176 | At least 4 Cascioferro’s

During these 61 years, there were many different rulers. They were either killed or died suddenly, making the rule almost shift over to a new branch. However, threats to their family were all put to rest, often in a violent manner. This earned the Cascioferro’s a gruesome name within the world of organized crime in Avalance.

1176 - 1197 | Vittorio (Vito) & Louisa Cascioferro

Under Vittorio an era of peace started where no Cascioferro blood was spilled. The family mourned their previous losses and moved on to once again strengthen their claim on their organization. This era of peace would last almost a hundred years.

1197 - 1246 | Contessina Cascioferro & Stefanos [t.b.c]

Much can be said about Contessina, but one thing is clear: she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She was 27 when she became the Capo Famiglia and ruled for 49 long years. This makes her the Capo Famiglia with the longest rule. She died peacefully in her sleep at age 75, leaving her seat for her son Vincenzo.

1246 - 1251 | Vincenzo & Gianna Cascioferro

Vincenzo had a short but strong reign. He was already 40 when his reign started. It lasted a short five years until he died suddenly at age 45. His wife Gianna was 40 at the time. To this day, it is still unknown what caused his death. Only his wife seems to know more, but refuses to speak about her husband’s death.

1251  - 1275 | Lorenzo & Gianna Cascioferro

Lorenzo suddenly became the Capo Famiglia at age 26. He had a one year old daughter at the time. He was most known for his ambition and his ruthlessness. Gianna was a clever and beautiful woman, who was able to hold her own against someone as opinionated as Lorenzo. Together they were a force to be reckoned with.

Lorenzo and his wife were brutally slaughtered on a trip to Tirohyn in 1275, never even arriving in the city. Lorenzo was 49 at the time and Gianna was 50. To this day it is unknown why exactly they were murdered but it is said Lorenzo held a secret that could mean the end for a gang of smugglers they had traded with. It is safe to say the Lord and Lady took the secret to the grave. The smugglers had caved under the pressure and broke omertà. Such a direct hit on the family would enrage not only the Cascioferro’s themselves but also their other loyal business connections. Ones that would be happy to avenge them.

1275 - Now | Malèna Cascioferro

At age 24, Lorenzo’s daugher Malèna came to power. While a period of mourning started the new lady plotted the demise of the smuggling gang. In what became known as ‘the eventide’ the gang was slaughtered just as brutally as her parents had been. Anyone who dared cross them has since the one night given up on it. After everything had passed the business went back to usual and no one in the family spoke of it again. The mourning continued and Malèna has taken her father’s place as Capo Famiglia.

I wasn't born

to be soft and quiet

I was born

to make the world

shatter and shake

at my fingertips
House Cascioferro Pg5wfvA

Character Sheet
Age: 29 years
Magic: Spiritwalking
Occupation: Crime Boss
Malèna Cascioferro
Malèna Cascioferro
Avalance Citizen

House Cascioferro Empty Re: House Cascioferro

on Fri 27 Nov 2020, 22:12

The Cascioferro Estate

The Cascioferro estate is an immense and monumental estate located near Riverhold. It is the epitome of wealth. The estate is filled with gardens on three levels of terraces: the upper, middle and lower terrace. The crown jewel of the estate is the manor itself, which can be found on the upper terrace. Alongside it are several luxurious guesthouses, another house for the family, the stables and the small but comfortable servant quarters where those who work on the estate live. In its architecture and landscaping a mixture of both Lavarr and Avalance culture can be seen.

Below this sheet you can find a map of the estate. (Hover over the map to find a surprise). Feel free to explore this pinterest board (klik) and get a better feeling of how the gardens look.

These links will give an outlook of the inside of the manor:
Basement (klik) | Ground Floor (klik) | First Floor (klik)

The family also has their own Vineyard (klik) not far from the estate.

I wasn't born

to be soft and quiet

I was born

to make the world

shatter and shake

at my fingertips
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