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Temperatures stopped rising, but have yet to lower as autumn arrives in Avalance. Precipitation is still rare and mostly accompanied by thunderstorms.

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Long Live the Queen

The Queen is dead. House Aldyr is mourning the loss of their queen, while Lady Zehirah has been crowned Queen of Ashax.

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Celestia Redmayne
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Celestia Redmayne

on Tue 24 Mar 2020, 15:25

Celestia Redmayne
"I bow to no man"

No magic
Chaotic good



Lysander Moore † x Gisela Moore
Icarus Moore †, Oleander Moore, Ilan Moore, Delilah Moore
Jordan Redmayne
Claude Redmayne


Celestia is the kind of woman that wears two faces, one that is affection and put effort into the people and things around her and one that is sarcastic and slightly vindictive from time to time. Her easy side is that she cares, she still cares about her husband, she cares a great deal about their daughter and the business they have. But all that care is hard to find if you have to live with a husband like Jordan, who doesn’t care and does as he likes. So Celestia became such a person to. She puts on the smile and she tells you the things you want to hear. She learned how to throw an argument and she learned to use a sharp tongue from time to time. Sarcasm is a word found in the books of a Redmayne family. She can be mean, she doesn’t color up the things for you. But she always takes care, not only for Claude but for Jordan too, simply not giving them the affection on giving them her fragile side.

But she can be fragile. Celestia learned to take care of herself, to come up for the things around her … to say no from time to time. You don’t want to get on her bad side, she will get vindictive but other than that she can appear kind, is happy on giving advice and offers you always the best of both worlds. She is on her fragile when she is alone when she looked out the window and overthinks the failures in her life. That is why you won’t find her often alone. Celestia uses her status and ambition in her own gain. He can blame her for the mistakes in her life but what doesn’t kill her only makes her stronger.


Celestia is a Moore at heart, born and raised in Hallistall as the eldest daughter off Lysander ad Gisela Moore. She had more from her mother than she ever would from her father, a fragile young girl that was easy to steer in the right direction. She was never troubled throughout her childhood. She learned to understand the sacrifices she had to take in the course of her life. There was little they expected from her but Celestia always paid attention to the details. You could often found her wandering the hallways, eavesdropping conversations. Her innocents made her always get away with things. Her whole childhood she grew up in rather steady happiness, she loved her brothers and sisters, she cared. She took her responsibilities when it was asked by her. Her father always said she would an easy wife someday, one that would do as ask and was easy to control. So they arranged her marriage at a rather young age, confident that the sooner she was wed, the more children she could produce, the more her future husband could mold her to his wishes. So when she was fourteen years old she got word that she was planned to be wed to Jordan Redmayne, little did she knew the effects he would have on her life.

They married young, Celestia was hardly fifteen years old when she kissed the man she needed to spend the rest of her life with. And he was charming, caring, whispered her the words she needed to hear. It was probably the happiest moment in her entire life, that one stupid day she said yes to him, that they danced and smiled and kissed. As always she was the easiest person to be around, and just as easy their wedding night turned in the start of a pregnancy.

Jordan had his ways and Celestia wasn’t so ignorant to just ignore it. Her rather soft personality put her in a place where she wanted to do good by him. He was away more often, drank more often and she knew there was something. Things he wasn’t telling her. Where she grew up with talking, he dismissed her questions with sweet words she wanted to hear. That went on for months, months in which Celestia had a heavy pregnancy. She learned to live with the downside of Jordan, because she always got something in return, something to keep her silence. She still loved him, why wouldn’t she, he gave her a child … she gave him a daughter. Celestia is sixteen years old when she gave birth to Claude Redmayne. A birth that didn’t come without complications, Claude wasn’t lying in the right direction, causing labor to drag on for hours. Celestia lost a lot of blood that day and despite the support of Jordan she nearly lost her life giving birth to that sweet little girl.

She never got pregnant again … never. She tried potions, spells but nothing helped. In her belief, she still wanted to give Jordan everything, even after that day, even with Claude being such a difficult baby. It was in those years in which Claude grew up a toddler that something changed in Celestia. Both she and Jordan got older, he started to invest his time in other more important things, leaving her often alone with the care of Claude. She grew bitter, more persistent. The child she once was turned out in a rather reluctant woman. And the older she got the more she snapped on the ways of his life. All she cared for was Claude.

They managed to live with each other. The easy young woman he got to know was gone and maybe, just maybe he liked the game she was playing. Celestia still behaves like a good wife, acting like everything is fine when they are in public. She still gives him what he wants but if looks could kill. After more than twenty-two years they know each other so well, they look at each other and didn’t need the words. Celestia started to take care of a part of his business after his promotion by the king. She is still very invested in her family, in his business but just with that sharp little edge. She knows what he is doing and she learned to ignore it. She listened to the little whispers on the streets. She tries to know everything he is doing, just so she could use it against him. Her sweet smile may look innocent, she may greet him with a kiss but they both know she is as dangerous as he is. And maybe that is just what sticks in their marriage, the game they play. And sometimes that brings them closer, but just as easily it tears them apart. She just likes to make his life a little harder then it already is. He did the same after all.


- She knows a thing or two about healing potions.
- Celestia controls her own netwerk of little whispers, one she shares and mostly contains women.
- She helps in maintaining Jordan his inn's, brothels, ect

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Re: Celestia Redmayne

on Wed 25 Mar 2020, 20:26

Welcome to Avalance

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