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As winter arrives, the temperature lowers and the Highlands are covered in a blanket of snow, while the rest of Avalance deals with more rain and periods of wet snow.

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A Reign of Destruction

The people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands as the rain keeps crashing down from above. As if that wasn't enough, the King starts raising their taxes, taking from what little they have left.

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House Cerwyn HB3Pjdj

Character Sheet
Age: 31
Magic: None
Occupation: Lord
Dax Cerwyn
Dax Cerwyn
Lord of Silvershire

House Cerwyn Empty House Cerwyn

on Mon 12 Oct 2020, 00:01
House Cerwyn Strength rejoices in the challenge


Lord  Dax Cerwyn
Lady TBA
Heir TBA
Seat Silvershire

House Cerwyn is a fairly new house to the political scene. They tend to keep busy with the training of knights. Knights that are mainly trained for the High House of the Glade yet some of them roam out of the province as well. Those who have been trained in Silvershire are well known for their skillset and their discipline and loyalty to House Cerwyn. They are being prepared in almost any known fighting style there is, train with swords, bows, daggers, spears and even axes.

Dax being who he is, tries to train most of the knights himself. Yet he has a bunch of people that work for him to do the trick as well. Yet the house isn’t only focused on the training of knights, they have huge fishing industry as well and the honey brew meadery from the former Lady Morain is still up and running as well. The city of Silvershire also doesn’t shy away from a whole bunch of illegal things. Guards on occasion ignoring what is going on in their city. As far as the inhabitants of the city goes, they have yet to discover the true nature of their new lord.


Liege Lady Adeena Sylversword
Vassals None yet
Alliances TBA

The relationship with house Sylversword is alright. House Cerwyn often send the trained knights towards the capital of the Glade, the same goes with the fish they gather from the waters. As far as Dax knows, Lady Adeena is not aware of the fact that he still organizes his pit fights. But he is a good vassal, is always there when he needs to. As far as alliances go, House Cerwyn is busy with forging alliances as we speak.


Silvershire is a place that is mainly built on wood. Bridges run all over town. With an upper level and a lower level the city is somewhat divided in rich and poor. Where the people who have less, often live on the lower level yet it isn’t considered strange if they have a residence on the upper level as well. With two main docks, close to the fishery and the meadery we have one entrance in the city. While the other is heavily guarded.

With both of the levels beaming with life, it is not so strange that crime has found his way to Silvershire. Thievery are big in the city amongst other things. With the lower level exposed, so is the sewer system, where people often go to, to see things they won’t see when they are above ground. Silvershire isn’t the richest town, yet they aren’t the poorest as well.  

Here you can find a map of the city and its districts.

The Wharf: This is the light blue area. Completely built on planks and on top of the water, this is the part of town where most of the laboring jobs are. Both the fishery and the meadery are located here. The district itself is accessible through the bridges or through the docks that you find throughout the city. A few warehouses and a boat wharf for the boats of the fisherman can be found here as well.

The Bazaar: This is the green area, which is the largest area. There is a concentration of market stalls in the center of the town. The day to day life goes on in this town mostly. Inns, shops, taverns and brothels can be found here. But on the normal level as on the lower level near the docks. On various points in this district can be found entrances to the sewer system as well. The northern part of this district is built on land. The more prominent residences can be found on the dryside, while other residences are scattered plankside.

The Yard: This is the dark blue area. In this part of the village the knight academy is stationed. It’s almost entirely built on the land. It consists out of the residences, the academy, a temple, the prison and the stables. Normal people are allowed here, yet they can’t set foot in the academy.

The Alcazar: This is the red area. It’s the castle where the Lord lives. Commoners are welcome here to speak their mind. Below the castle we have the private dungeons, only a few prisoners are being kept here under strict watch.


Lord Dax Cerwyn
Lady TBA
Children None
Other Nyssa Cerwyn – Sister, Caspian Cerwyn – Brother †, Brother , The Sylverswords

The Cerwyn’s used to be close, living as a tight knit family. But as they all came of age and each went their own way. One could call them estranged. But they are on good terms, on speaking terms even. The band with the Sylverswords is one the Cerwyn’s, or at least Dax holds dearly. Not only because Lady Sylversword is their liege, but because Lord Cerwyn values family above anything else.


Being so new to the scene there isn’t much to go off here. Dax had been close to the former lady as her head of the Guards. He know the inns and outs of the city better then he lets one and was always known as someone who does things in his own way. A just rule, though there is something more to him. Under Lady Isabella’s rule he was granted the chance to have a lucrative side business in the sewers of the city. Highly illegal, but both lady and guards kept it going which has given Dax a lot of funding.

With Lady Isabella stepping down and him stepping up, the man still holds that side of his business up. Because he simple can’t live without the thrill of the fight. But since the man has stepped up, more was thrown on his plate. Maneuvering right between the legal and illegal side of things he is managing to keep things up for now. Though if there is one thing that Dax knows, it is that he needs to keep the people pleased. With offering the fights up to his people as well he hopes to keep them happy. With providing food, work and entertainment, the people of Silvershire are pleased right now.

"Come back with your shield, or on it."
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