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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

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As winter arrives, the temperature lowers and the Highlands are covered in a blanket of snow, while the rest of Avalance deals with more rain and periods of wet snow.

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A Reign of Destruction

The people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands as the rain keeps crashing down from above. As if that wasn't enough, the King starts raising their taxes, taking from what little they have left.

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ik ben hier zo klote druk mee geweest red mij uit fif hel, jk bbys love u all
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Living on the Edge X10

Character Sheet
Age: 23 years
Magic: None
Occupation: Fire performer
Maze Crestel
Maze Crestel
Avalance Citizen

Living on the Edge Empty Living on the Edge

on Sun 20 Sep 2020, 21:15

Mazziken ▲
The sun was already far below the surface, and the moon had begun to rise in the sky. Her presence brightened the cold streets of Cear Scion. It was far different from what Maze had expected. That was what fascinated the young woman. The stories about the North had been about savages and tyrants. Sure, it was definitely far rougher than the south, but savages and tyrants? That's not how Maze would describe it now. Life was harsh and cold here. It was something Maze admired. She hadn't been here long, so she was still trying to discover Cear Scion. Her journey with the travelers had brought her here, and Maze had started it without really being prepared. She had managed to get a warmer attire, made of bear fur, deer's leather and fox pelt. And that of the little reserve she had left from the south. She'd started to discover that performance art wasn't a thing in the North. It was good to feel lost.

And so she walked the dark streets, brightened by the little light given by the moon. She looked up at the sky, breathing in all the insecurities life held for her. Where'd she go? What would her destiny be? What did life have in store for her? She didn't know and that was just how she liked it. She'd find a way to live in the North as she was a survivor. But she no longer wanted to live life as a criminal or a murderer. She'd left that behind.

Living on the Edge MpvopEI
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Character Sheet
Age: 19 y/o
Magic: Transmutational Alchemy
Occupation: Priestess
Elara Sioux
Elara Sioux
Avalance Citizen

Living on the Edge Empty Re: Living on the Edge

on Sun 20 Sep 2020, 22:07
Come with me, where the moon is made of goldthe moon
There were a million things left unseen in this world. Under the light of the moon, Elara believed she could face this world head on. Yunuen would always be there besides her, watching over her as she let her feet carry her through the city. While the world around her was a blur, Elara had learned to rely on her other senses. Voices were an easy way to recognize people, as well as their colorization. Some wore the same coat every day and she would start to recognize the shape of it from a distance. Others were taller than average, or had a voice that echoed all throughout the city.

By her side strutted the enormous, white malamute. With his nearly seventy centimeter height, the animal was a beast in comparison to the girl next to him, who would completely disappear were the dog to stand on his hind legs. He had learned to alert her of a presence, as she often did not notice one in the darkness. A soft, almost voiceless bark sounded as Nash warned her of a stranger. Elara looked up in surprise, her blue eyes carefully trailing the blur around her, until she found the one that moved. A stranger on the streets at night. Judging by the posture and height, it either had to be a younger man or a woman. She couldn’t really tell - not in the darkness, while the person was outside of her sharp vision.

Are you okay?
And in the morning sun we'll be sailing

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