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Winter has left Avalance. In the South of Avalance, the green color of Spring is returning and since the disappearance of Stormbringer, the North hasn't been bothered by any more storms.

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A Dream of Ice

A Dream of Ice has ended with four lucky people finding an egg and hatching a dragon of their own.

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Claude Moore
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Claude MooreLady of Hallistall

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House Moore

on Tue 28 Jul 2020, 16:24

"Pride and Prosperity."


Claude Moore
Cavalry Master

Aurelius Moore, Lucien Moore, Olivier Moore, Alistair Moore -time skip- Demetrius Moore, Lysander Moore, Icarus Moore, Oleander Moore
Claude Moore (née Redmayne)
Claude Moore (née Redmayne)
Jordan Redmayne (father), Celestia Redmayne (née Moore) (mother)


The glistening city of Hallistall can be spotted from miles away. The landscape surrounding it is mostly golden hills and vast fields. The further down south you go, the warmer it gets. Winds from northern Ashax blow over the passage in between the two regions, bringing both heat and sand with them. Winds from the east are hot, while winds from the other directions can bring cold and rain. The founder of Hallistall was a smart man and he decided to built the city out of white stones so the buildings would stay cooler in those warm days.

House Moore always loved making their city big and even bigger if possible. They have the most beautiful architecture and the columns point high into the sky. Every building is decorated with exquisite craftwork to look even more imposing to those who visit Hallistall. In the middle of the city, there's a huge white castle where House Moore has been living for many generations.

Many Lords have neglected the fact that not everyone is as lucky as they were. And while the differences had become more and more obvious which each new ruler a stop has been put to that. The current Lady realised how much there was to gain from working together with the poorest, giving them a future that didn't consist of the low-life anymore. While the city had been moving out of bankruptcy that was filed under the previous Lord the poorest have been given coin to rebuild their part of the city. To strengthen their houses against the harsh winds from Ashax and most of all to revive their belief in the ruling House. So far it's working, direct money is being spent on the life of the city rather than the lavish castle of those who rule it. It provides them with the jobs and protection they so desperately needed. But most of all it boosts the morale of those who had lost it.  

Hallistall is known for its cavalry. They have some of the best horses of Avalance and actively breed their purest bloodlines. House Moore has horses whose heritage goes way back to the earlier days of the city. They know how to train and take care of them, after which they earn good coin by selling them to other houses, which makes horses their main trademark. And because they own all those horses, all of them which are not good enough for breeding are send to their cavalry, which is one of the biggest in Avalance.


Aurelius Moore was a proud man with ambitions. He was the founder of Hallistall and had the genius idea to build the city out of white stones so the heat would stay outside of their homes. He married a young Lady from the Crownlands and together they started a family. Aurelius was very prominent in keeping his good alliance with the King. He has always supported the crown and taught his children to do so as well.

His eldest son, Lucien, started the breeding of horses. They had both white and brown colors, though he preferred the ones that were as white as snow since they added to the aesthetic of the city. He built multiple farms where the horses were kept and where they were able to graze on the golden hills surrounding the city. Lucien was also the first one to create the rank of Cavalry Master, the highest in command under the Lord himself. This person literally was the master of the cavalry, being responsible for picking out enough strong horses and leading them into battle if they had to. The Cavalry Master knew the Lord in person and the two often chatted about the wellbeing of the cavalry, something that still happens now.

There have been many proud Lords in the history of House Moore. Some more important to mention than others. Some of them died young and others lived until they were old and grey. Some were kind and some were not. Former Lord Lysander Moore died a couple of years ago from unknown causes, leaving his eldest son Icarus in charge. Lysander had multiple children, mostly sons, and they all were the typical proud men the house is known for. Icarus like no other. He was ambitious and even spoke about being less involved with the crown. Icarus found there were stronger alliances to be made, there were more ambitious people in Avalance other than the king. His council and his family strongly disagreed with him. He punished those who did anything he didn't like and was more ruthless than any Moore had ever been. Icarus slowly started to lose his common sense. One day, a couple of years ago, he was found by some guards in his bed. He had passed overnight and nobody knew why. Little did they know that his younger brother, Oleander, who was next in line of succession, had something to do with his death. A secret not many know of, yet there were more people involved in Icarus' death.

Lord Oleander has ruled the city for about three years. He is known to be very proud and doesn't concern himself about the opinion of sheep. And while his rule seemed prosperous, there was trouble in paradise. Over a period of time the Lord had indebted himself with the Crown. Like the understanding man he was, the Master of Finances gave the Lord time to pay back the Crown. An agreement was made and coin started coming in again slowly, but even under the new rules Lord Oleander fell short. It wasn't until the payments started increasing significantly that the Master of Finances found out what was going on. The High Keeper of the Glade, Ilan Moore had been working together with his brother to swipe away the treasury of the Sylverswords and gift it to the Moores. Unbeknownst to Lady Adeena Sylversword herself, the Council decided to take matters into their own hands.

It was then that the daughter of the Master of Finances, Claude Redmayne, was appointed Lady of Hallisthall. A fruit of his own labour, she was the most fitting candidate to get the House out of their bankruptcy. She is smart, cunning and has a sense for business that she inherited from her father. He taught her all she needed to know. The young lady was smart enough to realize she wouldn't be able to do it on her own and made some immediate changes. A new council would be appointed to help her out. It would be a difficult task for sure, but nothing she couldn't handle.

Note: thank you to Daan for providing me with the information and the history of the Moores <3

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