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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

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Temperatures stopped rising, but have yet to lower as autumn arrives in Avalance. Precipitation is still rare and mostly accompanied by thunderstorms.

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Long Live the Queen

The Queen is dead. House Aldyr is mourning the loss of their queen, while Lady Zehirah has been crowned Queen of Ashax.

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Linden Sudd
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Amor Fati

on Fri 10 Jul 2020, 21:56

The waves were fighting furiously against the high cliffs. The Western wind blew fiercly over land and over sea. Linden was standing at the edge of the cliff. And even though due to the rage of the elements staring out at the sea was hard, he did it anyway. Fate would never completely bend him to its will. The last of the human freedoms is choice. So he did. Many thoughts went through his head. What was he doing? Why was he doing it? What was he supposed to be thinking? What was he supposed to be preparing for? What was he supposed to pay attention to? It was as if he was using the rough circumstances as a way to distract himself. These doubts had been growing louder and louder in his head. Only nature could now overwhelm it with her own noises. The only thing he felt nice about was his defiance. His defiance of the natural forces. He did not back away. He did not let himself be pushed back. He could take comfort in the fact that he could be proud of his own noble attempts at a good life. The life of a free man. The life of a good man. Attempts, at least. And then it struck him. Your soul becomes dyed with the color of your thoughts. It is not him who should ask life the meaning of life, but it is life who asks him every moment what the meaning of thát moment is. He is challenged to ask himself what his values are. What he finds meaningful. Which potentials he should actualize during each moment. He had to respond to life, by being responsible for his own life. He had to trust in that if he followed his chosen path, life would reward him with every opportunity that he needs to live a good and meaningful life. Amor fati. And it seemed like life was about to reward him immediately.

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