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Winter has left Avalance. In the South of Avalance, the green color of Spring is returning and since the disappearance of Stormbringer, the North hasn't been bothered by any more storms.

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A Dream of Ice

A Dream of Ice has ended with four lucky people finding an egg and hatching a dragon of their own.

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Hati Hróðvitnisson
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Hati Hróðvitnisson

on Tue 30 Jun 2020, 00:32

Hati Hróðvitnisson
"The extreme always seem to make an impression"

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Fenrir Lokison x Járnviðrdóttir
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Hati is different in the way that he does not experience any emotions of his own, neither does he have the ability to sympathise with those around him. When alone he 'feels' completely empty, something which eats away from you until nothing is left. It would drive him insane if left alone long enough. When with others he tends to live second handedly through what his company experiences. As if trying to feel what they feel, to fill his own emptiness. The more overwhelming the emotions of the other, the more it seems to satisfy his own addiction.

He often shows himself to be confident, comfortable and relaxed. It doesn't matter what the situation at hand is, he will most often carry himself as if it was all planned and meant to go this way, as if he can't be touched or harmed. This is often accompanied by an air of dominance as he seems to own each room he sets foot in, which is his true colours seeping through. He has a certain charm around him, a flirtatious and often suggestive tone in his voice or in his actions. Often being sexual in nature to lure out feelings of lust or anger. He always is pushing buttons, using the whole world as an object of play at his fingertips. For him life has no stakes. He has no inner sense of danger, of fear from the consequences of his action. For him it's all about filling the moment and filling the void, no matter what the cost is for himself. Sometimes he's more subtle in his actions, leaving the other to wonder his true intent, and sometimes he's downright forceful. Hati has no inner sense of morals. Following these social codes is only by choice and he has no real trouble in breaking them purely to lure a reaction out. Like a child he is only out for reaction, for attention, wether it be positive or negative.

You shouldn't be fooled by his lazy and flirtatious demeanor, as it's only a persona he puts up. His true nature is highly intelligent and manipulative. He is almost desperate to keep his mind running, to stay busy, as the silence would mean being aware of his own hollowness and that is a confrontation he rather doesn't face. Hence why he is always busy learning and studying. Both with books and with being observant. He tries to keep track of everything, to read people just as openly as he does with his books and play them at his hand like a giant game of chess. Their unpredictability being only a positive, as it keeps him from loosing interest too quickly. And while he likes to think he knows how the whole world works he has trouble with understanding the concept of love, happiness or other unexplainable things. He likes things to be factual and clear, to be able to plan ahead every action he himself and other takes. To document this game of life only to fill his own passing of time.

Life is a game and its one he's not afraid to loose as long as it keeps him interested. Thanks to this he's very unpredictable. He is both a great price to gain thanks to this intelligence, the information he collects and ways of reading and understanding people, yet it comes with a risk. He is very prone to betrayal whenever the situation suits him right, or simply because things where starting to become more bland in his eyes. His inability to form true connections only strengthens this. He could pretend to be your ally while truly working against you. He would to anything for his own fulfillment, to get whatever he desires. Over the years he worked many different jobs, used many different alias and lived in the lives of strangers just to get his fill. Yet all of this underlines a man who once started as a child just curious about the world, about people and the way it works. One who grew up to be like an animal who plainly adapted to the best possible way to survive with the hand he's been dealt. He knows what he's missing out from, what all he will never get nor deserve, and the fact he can't even be mad or upset about it says all there is to say.


- Hati was born in a wealthy family. While his father was strict, he was mellowed out under his loving wife. His mother was a kind woman who raised her eldest son Sköll with love and compassion until she died at the birth of her second son; Hati.
- His father worked out his grief with anger, anger towards his children who where the 'reason' his wife died. He treats Hati harshly and violently, encouraging Sköll to do the same. His elder brother does so out of grief. Hati grows up abused and in social solitude from his family.
- The brothers are raised strictly, to become the perfect image of their father. Sköll, who physically represents the man is treated as him as well. While other try to dote on Hati, who represents more of their mother.
- He grows up with his condition, emotionally stumped from birth which is only worsened by nurture. As a child he's shy and private, reading a lot and eventually learning how to use his magic abilities.
- He becomes older and starts to fight back. While Sköll wins in body, Hati wins in mind, and hurts him as much as he can in that aspect. He learns to adapt his behavior according to who's in front of him, to be a mirror instead of his true self.
- As soon as he is able to work he leaves his parental home, reaching out into the world and finding a place for himself. This begins with working in bars, inns and brothels. Cleaning, doing barwork and eventually growing to the point of owning his own small brothel named the dirty paws.
- With age he becomes bolder, learning from observing his elders how to work in merchant ways. He starts to trade in alcohol, different type of drug used plants and even in humans. Though the latter he was forced to drop quickly, as his troubles grew more than his self earned wealth.
- When the heath starts to grow under his feet he get's on the move, travelling more to understand more. He is shortly active as a guard, a job he quickly fled, and some longer as a doctor of basic medicine. One that holds his interest for longer.
- He stays in contact with his brothel during all of this, visiting periodically to get it back on track after the misfortunes he left it in. At this time he adopts the bastard child of one of his personal, being fascinated with the idea of raising a child. He is neglectful of his young son emotional and social needs, often leaving him with staff for long periods of time.
- Aimlessly trying to find something which fills him, he comes an advisor, involving himself in politics, house courts and warfare. Most of his knowledge is based on information and not experience. But while active in some unknown houses, he also finds a place at the Skarsgård family, especially in guiding young lady Freya in her life.
- He left for a year or two to see more of the world, travelling to faraway lands and only now rejoining back. Curious about what he missed and what's happening, avoid his brother and father at all cost.


- Hati his family is incredibly rich with wealth obtained in various unknown ways. He was able to take a lot of this money into his adult life and spends it with ease. Though he is adding onto his own savings with his small earnings of his various jobs. Money doesn't have a real value for him.

- Thanks to his rich upbringing Hati has learned things like good manners, dancing, horse riding and the art conversation. Lessons he still highly puts to use.

- He spends every fraction of spare time reading, filling whichever place he visits to the brim with books. He's very easily bribed with informational books of value and rarity. He values information more than his basic needs or any currency.

- As he studies whatever he can get his hands on, his skillset is wide yet not deep. He's a jack of all traits, having dabbed in most subjects but only trying to become a master in some. He knows the basics of most common languages as well.

- He keeps a journal in which he documents people, writing down everything he knows or guesses from them.

- He almost never sleeps throughout the whole night but more often just being active the whole day and night, getting his rest from irregular naps.

- Hati uses a lot of fake names and alias, but his official titel or work name is Mánagarmr.

- While being rather untalented when it comes to many creatives expressions, he is often found writing poetry of varying quality.

- He is rather fond of animals with a function, owning a Frisian horse and a white necked raven.

- Though he isn't working there fulltime anymore he still is the owner of the 'The Dirty Paws' brothel. A smaller brothel which besides the normal services also offers many recreative alchohol and drugs. He is surprisingly good to his own staff. Giving them a decent pay and a safe place to stay no matter what.

- He's oddly troubled by the death of his mom, being convinced he would be normal if she would have stayed around. Which mostly was a coping mechanism when he was a child. At that time he read in her old diaries, trying to relate with her in any way he could. Unknowingly already reflecting his surroundings from there on; taking from these notes his interest in books and poetry.

- He got privately married at a young age to a woman, being curious about that experience that many vowed to be important. He always thought that would be the closest thing to love he would ever live through. They got divorced after one of Hati's disappearances, at his return he noticed she was seeing someone else. He left them be, knowing he could never do more than play a role.

- Out of all his jobs prior to his advisor role he was most talented as a doctor, as the pure knowledge and connection with people lined up perfectly with his own desires. He at times ponders returning to that life.

- The worst punishment of all is being bored and being ignored.

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Welcome to Avalance

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