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Winter has left Avalance. In the South of Avalance, the green color of Spring is returning and since the disappearance of Stormbringer, the North hasn't been bothered by any more storms.

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A Dream of Ice

A Dream of Ice has ended with four lucky people finding an egg and hatching a dragon of their own.

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Skaði Fabron
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Character Sheet
Age: 30
Magic: Traditional Alchemy
Occupation: Lady of Kraken's Lair
Skaði FabronLady of Kraken's Lair

Plot plot baby Empty
Plot plot baby

on Fri 22 May 2020, 21:41
Well, I'm in dire need of some plots. I've gathered all my active characters and what you need to know about them! If you can help me out, you can find me on Discord - Daan#0210.

skaði fabron

Lady of Kraken's Lair.
30 y/o.
Skaði is currently trying to take some time for herself. She knows her husband has fallen back to his old habits and is figuring out how to deal with that. She is also trying to help with turning the city around.

Childhood friends: Before she was taken to the south by slave traders, Skaði lived in the Highlands. I'm looking for a couple of friends she had back in the day when she lived in her small village. It's likely that she has last seen them about a decade ago.

Connections: Skaði has been the Lady of Kraken's Lair for quite some time now, and I'm looking for some people that either live in the Lair or have other, maybe political reasons, to know her.

Alchemist business: She's not only a Lady and mother but also an alchemist. Now, Skaði can't read, but she does know a couple of Skaði complex family potions that have been passed down on her by her grandmother.

Other: I'm always looking for plots and topics for her, so feel free to come up with anything that you can think of.
freyja skarsgård

Lady of House Skarsgard.
24 y/o.
Freyja has recently lost her fiance in the battle against the Undying, so she is going through a lot of emotions right now.

Servants: Freyja is the Lady of a small house, and I'm always looking for people that work for her. They live in a smaller castle near the city of Aeldun.

Advisors: She is a woman in a mans world, which means it would make sence if she had a couple of advisors that try to regulate what she is doing.
cressida fabron

18 y/o.
Cressida has found her place among the people of Kraken's Lair by now. She is often hanging around in the harbor or travelling around the Evergreen to run errands for her father.

Former mentor: Cressida has lived on the streets since she was about ten years old. Somehow, she survived, because there was a man nice enough to take her as his apprentice for a little while. He taught her how to use a sword. I'd love for them to cross paths again.

enzo bourbon

Lord of Crestfall.
40 y/o.
Enzo has been appointed as the Lord of Crestfall a few months ago. He has settled down and is currently looking around in Avalance to forge himself some strong alliances. Still grumpy as ever.

Business and political partners: Enzo is all about business and politics. I'm looking for other important people that have things to offer. This can be people that want to buy his bourbon, but also people that want to forge alliances with his city.

Family: As there were originally three Bourbon-brothers, there are two branches of the family that can still be filled with people. Feel free to hit me up if you want to join this lovely family.

Servants: Now that he rules a city, he has quite a few people working for him. These can either be spies, servants, people that work in his bourbon business. As Enzo is quite a handsome stud, even though he's a bit grumpy, so maybe one of the people that work for him has a little crush on him, which could lead to interesting plots.
midas hargrove

Pirate Captain.
35 y/o.
Midas has found his ship back and is currently ready to set sail. He is enjoying his lifestyle of being a free man, taking tasks from people that give him a generous amount of money for what they need to be done. He likes to spend his money as soon as he gets paid.

Business: Midas often takes on little tasks that could earn him either money or something fun to do. If someone needs a ship, they can reach out for this pirate.

Ex-lovers: He has had a long history of people that he has messed around with. Some were nothing more than one night stands, others could’ve caused some actual stirrings.

One night stands: He still likes to share his bed with beautiful people, and can often be found flirting around.
manuela aldyr

Princess of Avalance.
30 y/o.
Manuela hasn't been in the best of moods lately. She is quite jealous of her siblings because they have dragons, as she is heavily obsessed with them. Mentally, she is rather unstable and unpredictable.

Possible spouse: Many men find Manuela a little too much to be wife material, yet she remains the princess of Avalance and now that her other family members are getting settled, it kinda is about time she gets married as well.

People that try to influence her: Fake friends, people that try to get this woman on their side for their own good.
ivy leroux

Theatre owner.
26 y/o.
Ivy owns a theatre in Fairview where she can be found at all times. She writes stories and is quite charismatic, which results in her being the perfect person to have a deep conversation with. Currently, she is trying to write a new story.

Ex-fiance: Ivy was supposed to get married at some point in her life. However, this man turned out to be a giant prick and he didn’t treat her that well. Before her father passed away, he ended the engagement for the sake of his daughter’s happiness. This person can either hate her or try to win back her trust.

Theatre staff/business: Ivy owns a theatre in Fairview and I’m always looking for people that work here or somehow manage to help her out with something, such as actors or people that help out behind the scenes.

Shady business: Ivy talks a lot. She knows a lot of people and this could result in her selling information to the person that offers the most in return. Her theatre could become a place where some shady business is happening.
margot vigneron

25 y/o.
Margot is currently living in the Vigneron castle, trying to deal with the changes in her family. She doesn’t feel as much at home here as she has felt in the past, which makes her a bit more bitchy these days.

Possible spouse: It is about time Margot gets properly married. I’d rather see this to be a political marriage, so it needs to make sense. Many people are hesitant to marry her because of her notorious dating history.

Flirts and crushes: Margot is always out and about flirting with men. She’s quite fierce and talkative, and really isn’t that picky.
oleander moore

Lord of Hallistall.
36 y/o.
Oleander has been the Lord of Hallistall for quite some time now. He can often be found partying and drinking. He's a bit of a sly man, and he has quite some blood on his hands already.

Political and business partners: Oleander is always in for a political talk, as he needs to keep an entire city up and running. His city breeds and sells horses, so he has quite some business going on concerning those.

Ex-lovers: Oleander has fucked up quite a lot in the past. He was engaged before, but he betrayed his beloved fiancee, which ended up in the engagement being ended. I’m looking for the woman Oleander had this brief, steamy relationship with back then. He also had quite a lot of one-night stands while he was partying in the past.
nox freyr

Race track bartender.
18 y/o.
Nox is currently living on the race tracks that belong to Thomas Spring. She works here as a bartender for now, and it is also known that she has a rather complicated relationship with the track owner. Now that she is settling down here, she is looking around to meet new people. She meets quite a lot of people while working behind the bar.

Best friend: I’m looking for a person that can become her newest best friend. The two of them will get along fairly well. This person does need to live nearby, so somewhere in the Evergreen or Crownlands, and it can either be a male of female.
zahra rezghi

22 y/o.
Zahra was brought to Ashax as a slave. She recently managed to escape the mansion of her master, something she has mixed feelings about. She is now roaming around in Asherah, trying to stay hidden. She could always use some help in doing so. I’m not looking for anything in particular for her just yet, as I have no idea where she is going to go from now on. This all depends on the people she will cross paths with, and these can either have good or bad intentions. Zahra isn’t very brave or outspoken, so she can easily be manipulated. She is probably looking for a job, which could be anything, but it needs to be low-key as her former master is also from Asherah.
aušrinė illeon

Local nightingale.
23 y/o.
Aušrinė currently lives in the Illeon palace. She has been employed as the new Master of Whispers because she has quite a few connections around Avalance. She is currently trying to settle in this more sneaky way of living. Aušrinė has always struggled with her inner demons, and she doesn’t really know what’s wrong with herself.

Noble friends: Aušrinė knows quite a lot of people, including nobles from both Ashax as the rest of Avalance. I’m looking for some people she considers to be her friends, though these can also be nothing more than acquaintances.

Spies: Now that she’s the Master of Whispers, I’m looking for some people that can bring her information. Of course, they will be rewarded for doing so.

Crushes: Aušrinė is known for her heavenly voice and beautiful appearance, so I’m looking for some people that could have either innocent or serious crushes on her. Aušrinė swings both ways, though she’s not the one-night-stand kind of woman. She has never had serious feelings for anyone just yet.
joshua valentine

Job hopper.
22 y/o.
Will be added soon.
saulė mercier

23 y/o.
Will be added soon.
lucius defoe

38 y/o.
Will be added soon.
jane swann

Merchant's daughter
24 y/o.
Will be added soon.

you were a star my dear

the brightest in all the skies

but stars burn out my dear

and everything golden dies
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