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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

Current Season


As winter arrives, the temperature lowers and the Highlands are covered in a blanket of snow, while the rest of Avalance deals with more rain and periods of wet snow.

Current Event

A Reign of Destruction

The people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands as the rain keeps crashing down from above. As if that wasn't enough, the King starts raising their taxes, taking from what little they have left.

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ik ben hier zo klote druk mee geweest red mij uit fif hel, jk bbys love u all
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SKINS | Human Shifter Roleplay X10

Character Sheet
Age: 25
Magic: Spiritwalking
Occupation: Assassin
Darcella Minx
Darcella Minx
Avalance Citizen

SKINS | Human Shifter Roleplay Empty SKINS | Human Shifter Roleplay

on Sun 15 Mar 2020, 22:36
SKINS is an Adult human-shifter roleplay set in a modern/medieval era. Mundanes(humans) have detested the SKINS(shifters) for as long as time can remember. After a time, the two species came together and created a place of peace under a group called Peacekeepers. The tensions are high and both sites still hunt one another. Will the Peace break?

SKINS is a friendly, inviting community with a single account Creation and unlimited character creation. Comes join us for a relaxed and entertaining roleplay with a community you won't want to leave.

Avatar and character ref (c) original artist
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