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A Dream of Ice

A Dream of Ice is coming to an end, with four lucky people finding the egg of a dragon. What will happen next?

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Gemma Summer
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Alias : Gremlin

Character Sheet
Age: 19
Religion: No religion
Occupation: Innkeepers Help
Gemma SummerAvalance Citizen

Gemini (Gemma) Summer WIP Empty
Gemini (Gemma) Summer WIP

on Fri 14 Feb 2020, 10:26

Gemini Summer
"Death is Peaceful, Life is Harder"

No Loyalty
Innkeepers Help
Somewhat literate


Dark brown
She keeps her hair short

Father: Unknown
Mother: Libra Megane †
Grzegor Rosiński ("Uncle")
Maureena Rosiński


|| Quiet || Timid || Caring || Highly sensitive to other peoples needs || Strange fascination for death || Imaginative || Resilient || Gentle and sensual || Strong maternal feelings || Protective || Brave || Surviver || Good actress ||

Gemma has a mind of her own. Filled with all kinds of ideas, opinions and fantasies of how the world, her world, should be. Her reality however, is a little different. First of all, she's a girl... a woman. No man likes to listen to what women have to say really.

Secondly; after a life of abuse by almost everyone close to her, she learned to keep her mouth shut. It's safer to be quiet and to do what you're told, than to be disobedient, rebellious and loud. Especially if the consequences are a smack in the face or a kick in the spine. Gemma had to learn that the hard way.

Dispite of all the abuse, lack of love and care in her life, she became a caring and gentle young woman. That part of herself was never really a choice though. It literally got beaten into her brain. Over time it made her hyper aware of what people needed from her. Even when they don’t know it themselves. But it’s more a self defense mechanism than anything else. It’s quite rare if she truly cares for someone.

Because Gemma can’t change her reality, she developted a strong sence of imagination. A way to escape that reality that’s hurting her so much. Something that plants a seed, in her mind, of hope for a better future time and time again. Hope for her prince charming on his mighty white steed to take her far far away. Or her father, who she never met, coming back and saving her from the horrible man who calls himself her uncle. Or her mother, being still alive to love and care for the daughter she left in the cruel claws of this world. She is inteligent enough to realize these things will never happen but the hope for them helps her survive.

Nobody truly knows who she is. To Grzergor she is a grey little mouse he can use and abuse as he likes. To the ophaned children on the streets she’s a kind and warmharted woman who always gives them food, a smile and a feeling of care. To her customers she’s always whatever they wish her to be. This is because she’s a great actress and can put on just the right mask with just the right people. Only when she’s alone or when she’s possesed by the fantasies her true self comes out. But she’s not entirely sure if she likes that true self…


0-5 Years:
-“I was born 19 summers ago, in a brothel… somewhere in the Crownlands. My mothers, a prostitute, was named Libra Megane. Libra, after the star constellation. Like every woman in her family was named after the constellation they were born under. Just like my great grandmother, Aries and her daughter Virgo. And of course.. myself; Gemini.
And… that’s is most of what I know about my family. In fact.. I don’t remember a lot of the first five years of my life. It’s not strange of course. I was young. But still… it’s not a lot. I only remember bits a pieces.
I remember my mothers sweet smile, how pretty and soft it was. Filled with this peaceful comforting warmth.

I remember her voice. Singing her lullaby to calm me down if I was upset or hurt.
I remember the stories she read to me from the few books she owned. And the little bookcase under the window in her room.
I remember her hand, holding mine, in the warm sun on the days when she took me to the beach. How I laughed at the little brown dog, chasing the seagulls. How safe and protected I felt. How loved…
I remember the women of the brothel. How they were always smiling and laughing and singing with me. Or giving me a bath in the big tin tub in the garden. Where the little brown dog lived.
I remember it was my home for five years. But it’s mostly vague and blury. Like a fever dream. A good one obviously, but also very incomplete. I cherish those memories. How scares and unclear they may seem.

I don’t know where my mother came from. I don’t know who she was before she had me. I don’t know how she ended up in that brothel. I don’t know how she met my father. In fact; I don’t know who he is. I don’t know his name or his age or what he did with his life. I don’t know if he loved my mother or if she was just another prostitute to him. I don’t even know if he is still alive.

He could’ve been the man who owned the brothel where I was born, because he couldn’t always keep his hands of my mother. He could’ve been a traveller, from a far away land. Seeking some comfort in my mothers arms after the long and lonely road. He could’ve been a 15 year old stable boy who finally earned enough gold for a night with a woman. He could’ve been a king, visiting in secret at night, promising my mother the most grand things. If she only kept his visit a secret. He could’ve been just a man who loved her. And she could’ve loved him. That’s my favourite way to imagine him… them.. together. What really happened though… I will never know.

All I know for sure is; I was born and I had a good life with my mother for five years. Until that dreadful day of course. I think thats my first clear memory ever. The day they took my mother away to be burned at the stake. At the time I had no idea what was happening. During all the commotion I somehow ended up alone, on the street, outside of these big iron gates. Where I had seen them, just moments before, dragging my mother inside. And after that it gets a little blurry again… but I imagine I was living on the street for a day or two. I probably had died if it wasn’t for uncle Grzegor. He found me and told me who he was. How he knew my mother and how she asked me if he could find me and bring me to her. I remember being so grateful for him back then. That was the first time someone broke my trust. I know now that he absolutely lied about talking to my mother, his intentions and probably many other things too. He didn’t lie about bringing me to my mother though.. unfortunately…

Uncle Grzegor took me to a big square, filled with people. They were riled up for some reason. Excited even. Because there was something about to happen. Something on the big pile of wood in the middle of the square. They were all about to witness the death of my mother. Including myself. Uncle Grzegor made sure I had the best spot. He made sure my mother saw me too. Her face was all bruised and swollen and bloody and she was crying as they pushed her through the crowd, towards the stake, but I knew it was her. She screamed when she saw me and I think she tried to beg Grzegor to take me away, while they were tying her up. Of course I would have refused, for I didn’t know what was about to happen and I just wanted to be with her again. But uncle Grzegor didn’t even move. No, he made sure I saw the whole thing.. And at that moment he just stared at her with this look in his eyes. A look that would haunt my every day since. Not because of the memory of this day. But because he still looks at me like that at least once a day. Even more now that I’ve grown up. I think I remind him of her…

I watched my mother burn that day. I heard her cries and screams of agony. I smelled her burning hair and flesh. I saw how her soul left her body the moment she died in the flames. And I didn’t cry a tear. I think I just couldn’t process what was actually happening in that moment. And like I said before; Uncle Grzegor made sure I saw the whole thing. I think we were the last ones still watching, when they took down my mothers smoldering body."


- Gemma is quite intelligent. Unfortunately in her low society status she can't really utilise it the way she could and should..
- Gemma is known amongst the young poor ophaned children, of Dragonwatch's slums, as a caring motherly figure or a older sister type who always tries to help them out. Don't be surprised if she walks through the streets of the city surrounded and followed by a small group of children. Like a mother hen with her chicks.
- .She does work as Grzegor's help in his Inn and is mostly known for this. But only regular and mainly local customers know of her prostitution. Her beauty and her hyper sensitivity for other's needs have made her popular amongst many man in Dragonwatch. Both poor and rich.
- The only thing she can remember of her late mother is a vague image of her smiling face and the lullaby she always sang to her daughter. In the darkest and loneliest moments of her life Gemma sings it to herself. Which is almost everynight.
- Gemma keeps her hair short because long har is easily grabbed, by aggresive hands, and used to throw her across the room.
- Gemma has one wish that's greater and deeper than any other. She wishes to someday mother a child, so she finally has true and unconditional love in her life. Or at least that's what she believes.
- Gemma has a weird relationship with motherhood in general. You could say she has mummy-issues and in a way is always looking for the right motherfigure to love and guide her. She's obsessed with who her own mother was and would do anything to feel closer to the ghost and memory of her.

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