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Temperatures stopped rising, but have yet to lower as autumn arrives in Avalance. Precipitation is still rare and mostly accompanied by thunderstorms.

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Long Live the Queen

The Queen is dead. House Aldyr is mourning the loss of their queen, while Lady Zehirah has been crowned Queen of Ashax.

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on Thu 06 Feb 2020, 20:10

How did all those sailors do it? Just stay on the sea that contained only the endless and unpromising views of waves, waves and even more waves. Her time on a real pirate ship had been very thrilling at first, though she probably had to admit that the thought alone was more thrilling than the actual result had been. Maybe just really hadn’t foreseen the weeks they only saw the sky -whether it was filled with clouds or with the burning sun, or the deep blue ocean. When the weather got bad and intense however, she enjoyed seeing the boring little wrinkles on the water turn into the massive waves that nearly tipped the ship over each time. May later realised that she couldn’t swim that well and would probably die if that happened, but that fact alone thrilled her even more.

The redhead wasn’t very good with seasickness as well, her stubbornness pulling her through the first couple of weeks as the first trip she made wasn’t as long. She had been very happy to set foot on the stable ground again, slightly whimpering as the captain mentioned they’d only be there for a day or so. Before she could get used to the shore and really fix the nausea that had been developing, she needed to go back out on the sea for an even longer trip. The raiding that they promised her was only a mere exchange, breaking May her mood into a very bad one and making her vulnerable for the sickness as well.

It wasn’t a very surprising that both her and the captain fought almost every time they tried to conversate, or when he ordered her around. Luckily for her -although she wouldn’t really see it that way herself-  the man had had a good enough heart to keep her on board as a passenger rather than a worker, making the lady only have to sit out until they got the first opportunity to drop her off. Conveniently, the glade was the first to show up on the horizon, which crossed off another whole journey she really wasn’t in a mood for.

As soon as they docked, not long after, Maybe jumped off the ship while suddenly very eagerly helping with the gangplank. She flashed the captain a short and quick nod before she made her way off the reasonably sized ship. When she first saw it, it seemed small next to all the big cargo ships, but here it stood out form the rest as it was a smaller harbour. Mayleigh didn’t even watched it get undocked again as she made her way through the layer of snow that had formed since she was away. That, and the cold she’d met while being on the boat, didn’t stop the lady from kneeling down to the ground however. Placing her belongings next to her the lady laid down on her back, closing her eyes for a few moments as the dizziness seemed to be lodged in her systems. Breathing out slowly and almost peacefully, she decided to lay a little longer just to feel the safety of the mainland again.

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