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Forged in Fire is a high fantasy role-playing game, which is set in a world where legends come alive. Dragons exist, magic is at the tip of your fingers and the lands are beautiful beyond imagination. Join us in a journey throughout Avalance. Create your character and allow yourself to be surprised by the many adventures that lie ahead. Where one moment your character might be on its way to finding love, he could encounter a dragon or a unicorn the next. Nothing is impossible in these lands.

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As winter arrives, the temperature lowers and the Highlands are covered in a blanket of snow, while the rest of Avalance deals with more rain and periods of wet snow.

Current Event

A Reign of Destruction

The people of Avalance wonder whether they have a new problem on their hands as the rain keeps crashing down from above. As if that wasn't enough, the King starts raising their taxes, taking from what little they have left.

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ik ben hier zo klote druk mee geweest red mij uit fif hel, jk bbys love u all
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02. Quick Starting Guide Empty 02. Quick Starting Guide

on Tue 25 Jun 2019, 13:28

Quick Starting Guide

As creators of the lore of this site, we know that the amount of information might be a little overwhelming at first. While we really encourage you guys to dive deep into the world of Avalance, we do want the people who find it harder to deal with an overload of trivia to still be able to enjoy our Roleplaying game. That’s what this starter guide is for! If you feel lost, or overwhelmed, just follow the steps in this guide to set up your character easy and fast. Remember that, while some basic knowledge of the world is needed to properly create a character, your character probably does not know everything about their world either. So please follow the steps and get ready to join the RP!

The most important things to read are the Rules, while you can find the guidebook here.

01. Naming your character

The first thing to keep in mind is that when creating your account, you already have to have a name for your character, because your account name will be your character’s name. Most important is your last name, because we only allow these to be the same as those of existing characters if your character is going to be their family member. Discuss this first if this is what you would like to go for. If anything goes wrong, of course you can ask the staff account to change your name for you, but it would be less work for us if you get it right the first time.

For good name inspiration you can use the fantasy name generator , or just come up with your own. Do keep in mind that your name tells something about your character or their parents. For example, if you want to join a family and they all have very exotic names, you should not name your character Kevin, without a good reason. Same goes for the other way around. If you do not really want to read up on as much lore, but still want your name to fit the place your character belongs to, take a look at the names on the map and go with something that sounds right to you.

02. Character sheet

The basic things that you need to decide about your character, can almost all be found in your profile settings, under the “character sheet” tab. Here you can fill in the full name of your character, their age, their occupation, residence, relationship status, magic and religion. A few of these are pretty easy to fill out on your own, but others require some knowledge of the world and some ideas on how you want your character to be. We will therefore divide this section into a few steps.

- Residence

Where does your character live in this world? It is important to know where your character came from, and where they currently are. Where they originally came from (and are often loyal towards) will decide the color of your username. The current residence of your character will not influence your color, but does mean character development. Has your character ever traveled away from his or her hometown? Or are they still there? Did they come from another continent and found a home in the capital?

- Religion

What is the religion that your character believes in? Do they believe in any of the gods that are stated in the lore? Do they have their own? Down below will be a very short guide on what the main religions of this world are, so you can either choose just going from those short descriptions, or be able to seek out the in depth explanation of the specific religion you are interested in for your character. For more information about the religions, visit the guidebook.

- Magic

The next question to ask yourself about your character, is whether they have any magic. Most of the population does not have any magic and this can also be a very interesting plot point for your character. However, we do understand the appeal of having some special ability. The short explanations of the magic types on our forum are listed below. Again, if your are interested in a specific type, or the whole thing, just head to the guidebook to read the in depth descriptions. For a short description, read on.

* Alchemy (traditional/transmutation)
There are two types of Alchemists in Avalance. The first are the Traditional Alchemists, who use the magics in plants and gems to create potions. These potions can be used for potions, medicine, poisons, et cetera. While they do not have any magic of their own, they are able to use the magic of the world around them. A Transmutational Alchemist, however, has a different kind of magic. They can change an object completely, but need it to be of the same weight and material.

* Death magic
Bone sorcerers have the power to bring dead things back to life, though they will never be the way they once were. They are undead, in the way that they are naught more than an empty vessel of what they once were. This practice is frowned upon in Avalance, because of the Bone Sorcerer king and the damage he caused with his magics. This magic is known to consume the mind of the witch or sorcerer that use it too much, often causing them to sink into madness.

* Dragonriding
Dragonriders are those who have an affinity with dragons. While it does not mean that dragons will refrain from attacking when they have reason to do so, they won’t without cause. Dragonriders can calm a dragon and, if hatched and raised as their own, train them and ride them into battle. Yet, because dragons have not been seen in these lands for ages, most dragonriders know only what they are by feeling and instinct, not knowing for sure until they meet a real dragon.

* Spiritwalking
Spiritwalkers are able to transfer their minds into those of animals, gaining its senses and able to control them. This means that they can look through the skies as a raven, or run as free as a horse. Because they can not move their own body while their spirit resides in another being’s body, they are highly vulnerable when using their magics.

* Undying
Cursed by another of the undead, it is possible to play someone who is in their first stage of the undying. They are no longer alive, yet are not quite dead in the traditional sense. While they don't function in the way a human would, they can still walk, feel and talk the same. They are faster and stronger than any human could ever wish to be. Sadly, they have an endless thirst for blood and will fall into madness if they don't feed for a long time. Once they reach a certain stage, they are no longer considered human and can never return to who they once were.

- Occupation

Of course, everyone needs a way to get around the world and make money. So, you might want to think about the occupation of your character as well. What job do they have? Does it have anything to do with their residence, their magic, or their religion? Of course this does not have to come last, it just depends on what ideas you already have laying around for your character. If you feel stuck on occupations, look at what others have listed, think of things you have seen in for example Game of Thrones, or look up a list of medieval professions. There is a lot to choose from!

03. Character Registration

After you have thought through your character, it is time to register. Head to the Characters-board and make your way to Character introduction first. Here, you will find a simple list or a complete template to copy and fill in, so that you can introduce your character to Forged in Fire. Do not forget to register your Faceclaim as well.

Note: Do you have any trouble finding a faceclaim? Feel free to ask around in our Discord! Who knows; your fellow roleplayers might be able to find you the perfect faceclaim for your new character!

04. Entering the world of Avalance

After your character has been accepted by one of the staff-members, you will be able to post in Avalance. Please, remember that this is a big world and it takes several weeks to travel all the way from north to south, so we do advise you to keep track of time and make sure your character doesn’t teleport around. You can make them travel, however, of course. Just pretend that there has been some time between the first topic and the next if there is a solid distance between them.

If you can’t find any thread to post in, feel free to ask around in our Discord, or to make your own. There is a special channel, just to post threads! Here you can find open threads, or post your own after making one. This is, perhaps, the easiest way to find new people to roleplay with, making sure your adventures never get stale.

Note: use our tagbox to notify a member if you have posted in their thread; this way you make sure a thread does not get forgotten and your fellow roleplayer does not need to refresh the website every hour, but can just wait for a tag on Discord!

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